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  1. Anitha
  2. prakash420
  3. Anitha
    Hi this is Anitha. "If u have a prideful tradition. U must carry it on. If u haven't then start building one now".
    வீழ்வது நாமாக இருந்தாலும் வாழ்வது தமிழக இருக்கட்டும்! தமிழ் என் அடையாளம் !
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  5. Bothersome fem
    Bothersome fem
    Nothing interesting to preside on jus that wanna be a joiner
  6. !Tea Master!
    !Tea Master!
    Tea Master re entry :)... oruthan chat konja naal varalana... aunty kuda odipoitan... married aachunu ennama story solringa.... am single
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    2. ! The Reader !
      ! The Reader !
      ha ha Nee Epavum Morattu Single Machi. All Girls Searching For U lol
      Jan 13, 2020
    3. Sakthi sg
      Sakthi sg
      Ithellam oru vaal naal sathanai
      Feb 3, 2020
  7. Sakthi sg
    Sakthi sg
    Life is too short to waste on hating other people.
  8. onnum puriyala
    onnum puriyala
    innaiku setha nalaiku paal
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  9. baskaran
    baskaran JBJB
    JB.... need some help with unmuting my IP... can you help?
  10. Annnu
    Update panra alavuku onum illa :(
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    2. Fox
      Lol .. ena idhu beedi case la ull adi vangidu vanthu ... kuttha vatchi uff puff nu cigarette adichidu iruke. haha.. un poster upload nala iruko illayo .. un dp post humm vera level
      Dec 27, 2019
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    3. Sakthi sg
      Sakthi sg
      Adikadi vantha live nu nenipen
      Feb 3, 2020
  11. Yuvarajan
    Yuvarajan Administrator
    Hi admin ,
    Requesting you to unmute me while I login it is showing muted forever.
    Ip address:
    Pls help me to unmute
  12. RRoyal
    RRoyal Administrator
    admin master ji, intha voice chat vera ethum pannalama, just record and sending it quite boring, let we try connected in one channel , like using 1 fm live chanel line can conntected any number users , antha mari option ethukum chance irukka check pannunga master. it will be great one for all users
  13. intelligent idiot
    intelligent idiot
    Enna kodumai siruuuu
  14. Watch Man
    Watch Man
    (Status Enna solrathu).. Nan Freeya Tha iruka oru Admin Mod Thanga Chat Nalla Padiya Parthukura....☺️
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    2. ! The Reader !
      ! The Reader !
      ha ha ha.....
      Oct 25, 2019
  15. shanzz790
    shanzz790 Administrator
    Sir i am shaan from cochin kerala im busienss man i want ur mobile number plz
  16. shanzz790
    shanzz790 Administrator
    My chat id using anothor person idont enter the room i think hack my id
  17. Kishore Silver
    Kishore Silver Administrator
    Admin ji y my I'd kishore silver work aagala user name and password rong nu varuthu ji konjam parunga ji oru 2yrs member ku neenga pannurathu ethuthana ji
  18. silra illapa
    silra illapa
    இங்கே மனிதனிடம் இல்லை மனிதம்..
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  19. samy12
    I like to listen. ...
  20. shanzz790
    Life full of happy