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Recent content by mapleleaf36

  1. mapleleaf36

    Chat Vaasis 3

    CHAT VAASI 3 These are the self proclaimed godfathers of the chat . The moment they walk in you can hear rajni movie bgm . Most of the guys will ' thundu thozhule potu , kumbuduren esamaan ' style performance kudupange . Some will scurry around trying their best to fan this character 's ego...
  2. mapleleaf36

    Chat Vaasis 2

    CHAT VAASI 2 'Aval varuvaala en udainthupone nenjai ottevaike aval varuvaala ' kadhal mannan is our chat vaasi 2 . Logs in n looks around . Is she here? Will she come? Should i wait? Then he asks, ' avenga vanthangela? Some good soul will reply ' inniku mulukka paarkela' . The entire room will...
  3. mapleleaf36

    Chat vaasis

    CHAT VAASI 1 This chatter talks to everyone . Very cheerful. Friends with every and any one. Even if u dont talk to him he will call you out. He has his favourite chatters so after the initial ' hi' ' how are you' ' sapteyla' , he pulls a chair beside his fav and talks his life away . Yet his...
  4. mapleleaf36


    lady finger ?? pls explain
  5. mapleleaf36

    Kesari from the amateur cook

    1cup rava 1 cup sugar 1 pinch of salt Ghee Colouring 1/4 cup Milk 1 3/4 cup water Pinch of cardamom powder Cashew nuts Raisins 1 tsp Orange rind Heat up 2 tbsp ghee . Fry the raisins n cashew nuts . Keep aside . Add the rava and cardamom powder to the remaining ghee and toast over low flame...
  6. mapleleaf36

    படித்ததில் பிடித்தது!!!

    Tamil la translate pannunge ji . Padichen but purile
  7. mapleleaf36

    Memes For Life

    Athuvum chat la ss ROMBE MUKKIYAM . ROFL!
  8. mapleleaf36

    Memes For Life

    Laughed sooo muc
  9. mapleleaf36


    Illathe kadhalenei nineithu yengum kanmani, Yen ippedi oru mayakkam? Payanangal pala undu; Athil ondru mattum nee thedum Paathai, Bharathiyar petredutte Kannama nee: Veezhvaaya penney? Kangalai moodi kondu sellathei; Sevigelukku imsai aagum: Inthe Moune mozhigal.
  10. mapleleaf36

    The heart speaks

    Has been abt 3-4 yrs since i came to this chat . Lost count actually . When i first came i used to be very defensive (some call it fighting). I used to get defensive wen someone made fun of my age in particular . One thing will lead to another and the mild exchange of words will turn into abuses...
  11. mapleleaf36

    Cucumber in spicy orange dressing

    1 large Japanese cucumber 1 large onion Some ginger grated 3 finely sliced bird s eye chillies 2tsp orange juice 1 tsp chilli flakes 1tsp sugar 1tbsp vinegar 1tsp sesame oil Salt to taste. Toasted sesame seeds Slice cucumber very thinly . Add everything else . Stir well . Serve chilled with...
  12. mapleleaf36


    Tq ji
  13. mapleleaf36


    Veruppu : unnai nineithaal. Verukke vendum: Unn ninaivugal Veruukke ninaipathu: Unnai nineitu kirukkum Kavithaigel. Mudiavillei... Verukindren : Ennai mattum
  14. mapleleaf36

    Egg Malai Masala

    Can u see my dish attachment?
  15. mapleleaf36

    Egg Malai Masala

    Ithu na senjethu . Eeee! ( had to adapt to suit our palate