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  1. mapleleaf36

    Chat Vaasis 3

    CHAT VAASI 3 These are the self proclaimed godfathers of the chat . The moment they walk in you can hear rajni movie bgm . Most of the guys will ' thundu thozhule potu , kumbuduren esamaan ' style performance kudupange . Some will scurry around trying their best to fan this character 's ego...
  2. mapleleaf36

    Chat Vaasis 2

    CHAT VAASI 2 'Aval varuvaala en udainthupone nenjai ottevaike aval varuvaala ' kadhal mannan is our chat vaasi 2 . Logs in n looks around . Is she here? Will she come? Should i wait? Then he asks, ' avenga vanthangela? Some good soul will reply ' inniku mulukka paarkela' . The entire room will...
  3. mapleleaf36

    Chat vaasis

    CHAT VAASI 1 This chatter talks to everyone . Very cheerful. Friends with every and any one. Even if u dont talk to him he will call you out. He has his favourite chatters so after the initial ' hi' ' how are you' ' sapteyla' , he pulls a chair beside his fav and talks his life away . Yet his...
  4. mapleleaf36

    Kesari from the amateur cook

    1cup rava 1 cup sugar 1 pinch of salt Ghee Colouring 1/4 cup Milk 1 3/4 cup water Pinch of cardamom powder Cashew nuts Raisins 1 tsp Orange rind Heat up 2 tbsp ghee . Fry the raisins n cashew nuts . Keep aside . Add the rava and cardamom powder to the remaining ghee and toast over low flame...
  5. mapleleaf36


    Illathe kadhalenei nineithu yengum kanmani, Yen ippedi oru mayakkam? Payanangal pala undu; Athil ondru mattum nee thedum Paathai, Bharathiyar petredutte Kannama nee: Veezhvaaya penney? Kangalai moodi kondu sellathei; Sevigelukku imsai aagum: Inthe Moune mozhigal.
  6. mapleleaf36

    The heart speaks

    Has been abt 3-4 yrs since i came to this chat . Lost count actually . When i first came i used to be very defensive (some call it fighting). I used to get defensive wen someone made fun of my age in particular . One thing will lead to another and the mild exchange of words will turn into abuses...
  7. mapleleaf36

    Cucumber in spicy orange dressing

    1 large Japanese cucumber 1 large onion Some ginger grated 3 finely sliced bird s eye chillies 2tsp orange juice 1 tsp chilli flakes 1tsp sugar 1tbsp vinegar 1tsp sesame oil Salt to taste. Toasted sesame seeds Slice cucumber very thinly . Add everything else . Stir well . Serve chilled with...
  8. mapleleaf36


    Veruppu : unnai nineithaal. Verukke vendum: Unn ninaivugal Veruukke ninaipathu: Unnai nineitu kirukkum Kavithaigel. Mudiavillei... Verukindren : Ennai mattum
  9. mapleleaf36

    Egg Malai Masala

    Ithu na senjethu . Eeee! ( had to adapt to suit our palate
  10. mapleleaf36

    Moong Dhal Mughlai

  11. mapleleaf36

    Thakkali soru

    Rice 1/2 kg rinse n soak 10 mins 3 large tomatoes 3 large onions 1tsp garlic paste 1tsp ginger paste Green chill 2 A (A) Bayleaf Cinnamon Cardamom Clove Star anise Screwpine leaves Curry leaves 1tsp fennel seeds 1tsp cumin seeds 1tsp pepper seeds Ghee Oil (B) 1tsp chilli powder 1tsp turmeric...
  12. mapleleaf36

    Meen kozhambu

  13. mapleleaf36

    Sollin kayangal

    Un sinam aarum varai; En sollin kayangel maarum varai; Un mounam ennai kollum varai, Meendum meendum pirapen Naatkal thorum, Karuviyaal unnei paarpen . Nee varum anthe nodigal Rasichu en athmavin thagathei theerpen, Kai udainthe sirtpi pol , Vaalkeiyin pokkishmaai kidaitethei Alangolemaai...
  14. mapleleaf36

    “All the world's a stage” · And all the men and women merely players;

    Life ...is strange. Now why do i say that? Because no matter what happens in life , it happens for a strange reason . We may understand the reasons late or may never figure it out at all . I believe life is a spiral of events . Everything is interconnected . Nothing happens in an isolated...
  15. mapleleaf36

    En mounethirku sonthekaaren

    Uravukku urimai thantheven , Uyirukku artem sonneven, En kangelil ulla sogatei kandeven, Indreya en mounethirku sonthekaaren. Thinam varuvethu unnai kaane; Nizhal pol sainthu nindru rasiten, Nee pongi ezhum pothu Un kobattei, Nee natpukku kural kodukkum pothu Un sirripei, Seeri varum kobatei...
  16. mapleleaf36

    Lay me down on the pyres of anger!

    Listen! These noises i hear from beyond, Jingles of spite sparkles from within; Shower me down with rains of justice. Nay; watch the fires blazing high; Let the embers settle on its prey. Lay me down on the pyres of anger; Use thy dagger to tie me down; Do not fear the moving forest. Coz some...
  17. mapleleaf36

    Speak my sonata speak!

    The sonata of my life ; Where winters danced by, and summer sparrows sang so tirelessly. The hard earth cracking under each smile, Softened by the glistening tears; Lapping up each drop , Like a thirsty crow. The hand that you offered, Suddenly withers n shrivels; Like twigs that breaks upon...
  18. mapleleaf36


    The shadow that you are , Tickles memories from deep within; Screaming whisperings , Yet i hear not ; For fear , the winds of reality will blow more pain .
  19. mapleleaf36

    Yen... ?

    En mounatei rasikke terindhe unekku; yen, en kuralin osai pidikke villei? En swasa kaatril kulir kande nee; yen, en puyal kaatrei sagikkevillai? En kanavugelei kondu sendra megham; yen, athen arthetei unnidem solle marenthethu ?
  20. mapleleaf36


    Natpukku nithirai thanthe nanbargeley Nanbergelaai ennai naadineergel Nonthe pothu odineergal Thozheivil nillungel Ungalin natpu karangelei naan marukiren Neengal pogum pathaiyil sellungal Naan en pathaiyil selgiren Ondru mattum ucharikum en uthedugel Natpenbethu veli thotram mattumey...