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  1. Harshee

    juz for gals... lets enjai :)

  2. Harshee

    romantic song...

  3. Harshee

    Best proposal ever by my sweetheart

  4. Harshee

    un-break my heart :(

  5. Harshee

    i just called to say i love you- fav ever

    "I Just Called To Say I Love You" No New Year's Day to celebrate No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away No first of spring No song to sing In fact here's just another ordinary day No April rain No flowers bloom No wedding Saturday within the month of June But what it is, is something...
  6. Harshee

    Jimki Kammal

  7. Harshee

    currently addicted

  8. Harshee

    Winter sonata

    Lots of tears... quite old but cant compete with other korean series.
  9. Harshee


    My fav movie ever. Acted by my darling prabas and anushka :heart:. Shala baga untathi ee movie. Na prema kosam na nachina couples anushka and prabas. Muax
  10. Harshee


  11. Harshee

    You Are Not Alone

  12. Harshee

    Sprit Of coins

    That evening it was raining heavily. My housemate and myself has no idea on what to do. we felt bored. Suddenly we wanted to try out something which can be thrill. A horror movie? oh no its boring yar. Ghost stories? oh no the same old story. Then we decided to play "Sprit of coins." Have you...
  13. Harshee

    Embuttu Irukkuthu Aasai

    Embuttu Irukkuthu Aasai Un Mela Atha Kaatta Poraen Ambuttu Azhagaiyum Neenga Thaalaatta Kodiyaetha Vaaraen Ullatha Koduthavan Yaengumbothu Ummunnu Irukkuriye Chellatha Eduthukka Kaekka Vaenaam Ammammaa Asathuriye Kotti Kavukkura Aalaiye Inthaadi Embuttu Irukkuthu Aasai Un Mela Atha Kaatta...
  14. Harshee

    Fav Song

  15. Harshee

    Workout at Home

    ladies lets challenge...
  16. Harshee

    guitar chords diagram

  17. Harshee

    Pick up lines

    This might be helpful for guys to impress girls lol  1. My recepi of love is one cup of you.. one cup of me knead till hard and serve hot 2. did the sun came out or did u smiled? 3. Did it hurt? (What?) When you fell from the sky? 4. Do you have a map? (Why) because im lost in your...
  18. Harshee

    Maruthuva mutham

    What you guys think bout this. Cpr teriyum athu enna maruthuva mutham??
  19. Harshee

    P S i love you

    Anyone read this book? Such a lovely story n watched the movie too. All books from sweetdreams is nice. fall in love again n again with books
  20. Harshee

    The hero of my heart

    Every princess has a hero and he is called as daddy, Daddy, i cant express by words for how much i do love you and missed you. You were my best hero in the world :heart:. Daddy, the day u left me alone in this world till this date i am not able to accept the news of your death. I feel you...