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    Indian Civil Laws and Guidance

    Hello Dear friends, Ungalku terija Civil Laws elam inga Update pannunga.. Similar to This Is it true that under GST if we got separate bill for every Rs. 1000 we stand to beneift because there is no tax for the slab 0 to 1000? The answer is no as.,However below is the recent updates on GST...
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    Answer Plz

    5 Cot = 10 ; bus =20; cup = 5
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    cup of love by SarcasticJoker posted Sep 25, 2017 at 11:47 PM
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    ignorance is bliss -_-

    ignorance is bliss -_-
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    Arabic song

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    the mommy 2017

    mommy ha :eek::D:D:D:D:D
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    Free Make video Converter 4.1.10 keys

    Gold Pack : F4019EB6C99B0CF5C7E3AD6F137B9F1B B8368664230D5C12FFDC2AC4C2B1CCBF 79CA12D9722F37E4CD6D67C3FADC44FF Subtitle Pack : BCFF13D3452B654CB5B6080B85CCC1DA F563EDA7896219AF6A7816C071C35019 B585D7C7C104B9A10AF220C2A301879B Super Speed Pack ...
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    Linux Subsystem Inside Windows 10

    Hold On i will update this thread soon i am Just Doing it my Laptop wait for a while
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    Linux Subsystem Inside Windows 10

    Guys epic Topic but New For Some Peoples here IDK. we have linux subsystem in windows 10, windows 10 Natively  runs Ubuntu. I will Post the pic soon will update this thread as soon as i finish it Screen Shots Enter your Unix name and Password for example: user name:root password ...
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    My Thara Kutty

    9tharava ? :P