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Sometimes nature acts in strange ways to pay back the fruit of Karma in a unique way.

Akku Yadav has become a scourge for women of a slum who, many of whom were raped by him.

Akku Yadav bribed police personnel and go scot-free every time.

His victims were poor and helpless to get him arrested and punished by law for his heinous crimes.

After another rape, the victim approached the police commissioner against his crime

Families, friends of victims destroyed property. Fearing for his life Akku Yadav surrendered to police.

While he was being taken to court, there was a huge crowd outside court comprising of family members, friends of his victims. Outside there were rumors that this time too Akku Yadav will get bail. While entering the court in police security Akku Yadav taunted one of his victims and threatened to rape her again. Policeman carrying Akku Yadav laughed at the plight of the woman being taunted.

That taunt was enough to anger his victims who were carrying knives with them. The taunted woman took her sandle and thrashed him.

Within no time more of his victims or people angry at him swooped down on him and rest as they are one of the stories where janta took law on its own hand instead of waiting for police to punish the criminal.

Nature is unlike accountant who settles and prepares profit loss at the end of every month.

Nature takes its own accounting laws to balance the scales of justice.