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a letter to my future lover !

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a letter to my future lover.

i am sorry that you’ll get me in the process of healing from the past. sorry that i chose to love the wrong person so deeply that i forgot to take care of myself.

i am sorry i got so overwhelmed and forgot to love myself more than i loved them. i broke my own heart for someone who didn’t care, and now i am scared of losing everyone.

i am sorry for the days i’ll stop and look at you like you’ll vanish any moment. believe me, i’ll feel that you will.

i am sorry that i still have scars from the past, big and ugly ones, which disfigure my soul and bring me pain on the really bad days.

i am sorry for the days i pretend to be okay. the days when you see my mask slip a little. when you see the melancholy inside.

i am sorry that after being burnt so much i am always scared to care. to tell you how much i love you. i just show it in the messages i write to you. and the cheesy pickup lines i use.

i am scared to open up. i will overthink everything you say. i will build walls and, on some days, hide behind them.

i am sorry. it’s a little difficult path, but trust me – if i loved someone so wrong, i promise i will love you right.
your slightly broken lover

written by Abhishek Michael for The Scribbled Stories

" An article that resonates with me"

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