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Forum Info Few tips to how to use the Forum

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Forum is an engaging environment and here are few tips how to post

  1. Post contents that will interest people for getting more views and attention,the quality of the content is very important than quantity
  2. Don't over post and spam the forum,post few threads a day and make sure you get appropriate replies.
  3. Don't simply post vague videos without any description or comments about it.just copy pasting a YouTube video with no intention of commenting or describing why you like it or what are you trying to say makes no sense.try to give some detailed descriptions about the video you like.
  4. Forum is not an competition to know who posts more,but it will be probably very entertaining if you post anything will make people engage in the conversation.
  5. make use of any categories/forum in your own way,feel free to give in depth thoughts.
  6. This is a community rather than an information site ,so engaging posts ,threads and topics will be inviting more conversations in the forum.
  7. Chat Forum needs its fuel through topics that's commonly discussed either inside the chat or something that's in general.