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Marriage ~ Leo Tolstoy in parvaiyil

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Hello guys, so my best friend from our chat room shared with me a few lines from a novel that he is reading. It's a novel entitled War and Peace by Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

*So I thought of sharing it with you guys to hear your thoughts on these lines.*

So this is what Leo Tolstoy sonar in War and Peace :

Ps: Check the attachment and leave behind your comments. *This post is to discuss only these lines and not about Tolstoy or the novel.*


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I think that's written by him after getting married! Normally, for exame, when u wr in college, u wud tell your juniors not to skip classes or not to drink much or you gonna end up like me,, But whatever you say, they gona commit the same mistake that you did! Its a common thing to blame ourself that we would hav done this and done that if that didnt happen , this didnt happen,,,

If u r marrying before reaching the heights of your life, u must make this as another and added responsibility and together you need to achieve,, its not just sex and females are nt sex tools anymore! Both can help each other,

So, what Im trying to convey is, Its irrelevant is what I feel,

Nothing against the novel or the Great TolsToy

Hahah, I liked the Ps at last!

Since 1983

Tolstoy Wrote This After Birth of 13 Children's, (4 Daughters, and 9 Sons). And he followed Bramachariyam. The Great Follower of Tolstoy, Gandhi Also Did The Same Thing. Gandhi Took Bramachariyam in his Age of 38 years old. Gandhi and Tolstoy Both Strongly Believes Marriage and Sex are Only For Children. They Separated Family Life And Public Lifes Are Different (Agananooru, Purananooru). We Can See This Same Thing in Thirukural. Coz, Leo Tolstoy Followed Thirukural And Thiruvalluvar. He Mentioned That To Gandhi When He Meets. However, Tolstoy And Gandhi Both Are Conservatives. But in that Period They Are Progressive.

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