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Neera arya --- Women Freedom Fighter of India!!!


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*Smt. Neera Arya* (05-03-1902 / 26-07-1998) - The *brave woman who let her “Breast” cutoff* to protect Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose!

She married *Srikont Joironjon Das* who was a *CID Inspector* in the British police. While Neera Arya was a true nationalist her husband was a true British servant. Being a patriot Neera joined the *_Jhansi Regiment_* of Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose. Neera’s husband Inspector Srikont Joironjon Das was spying on Subhash Chandra Bose and *Joironjon Das once opened fire on Bose* but fortunately, Bose escaped unhurt. In order to *save* Subhash Bose, *Neera stabbed her husband to death.*

However, after surrender of the I.N.A. a trial took place (Nov-1945 & May-1946) in the Red Fort, all the prisoners were released, except Neera. She was transported to *Cellur Jail, Andaman* where she was *tortured every day.*

A Blacksmith came to remove the *Iron Chains & Fetters* and he intentionally cut-off a bit of her skin and hit her legs with a hammer 2-3 times. *She endured the excruciating pain.*

The Jailer who was watching the *sadistic game* offered to release Neera, if she reveals the whereabouts of Subhash Bose. Neera replied that Bose died in a plane crash and the entire world knows about it. The Jailer refused to believe and replied, u’re lying & Bose is still alive; thereupon Neera said *_"Yes, he’s alive, he lives in my heart!"_* The jailer got furious and said, *_“Then we will remove Bose from your heart”_* The jailer *touched her inappropriately & tore her cloths* apart and ordered the blacksmith to chop off her breast. _The blacksmith immediately took the *breast ripper & started crushing her right breast.*_ The savagery didn't stop there, the jailer held her neck & said I'll *_take off both your 'balloons' out of your chest._* He further said with a *barbaric smile* _"this breast ripper is not heated or else your breast would’ve already been chopped off"._

Neera Arya spent her last days of her life selling flowers and she lived in a small cottage in Falaknuma, Bhagyanagaram. The government of _'independent'_ *(?)* India demolished her cottage alleging that it was constructed on a Govt land.

Neera Arya *died on 26-07-1998 as a destitute, unwept & unsung.*

*I bet, the majority of our people are blissfully unaware of all this ....* and the Nation continues to sing the *exalted glory of Gandhi & Nehru.*

*_Let's pay our tributes on her death anniversary._*