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Please ban for a month


New Member
Hi Chatters,

Today one girl called me in pvt as Pervert. I am not pervert guy and everyone knows about me in main how I am talking to girls is chlm, babe, pondati. But in every girls pvt I said that everything I am doing it for fun.

Still now, I am doing this for fun, to make girls laugh. But today, I try to make the girl laugh yes I talk about 18+ words in private in a funny way but she said to me those things talks are pervert.

Am I pervert? No I am certainly not and never be a pervert guy here. I just want to make girls happy not to be feel, dull or bad. That's the way in Main I call girls as babe, chlm, take my heart.

If you reading if you're girl and I already talk to u in main, then sorry if my words hurts to you.

Note for an Admin:- Please ban my ID and IP Address for a Month. If you can able to ban it for 3 days, then you have an option to ban me for a month. Please ban me :)

Nandri, Vanakam :)