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Rava kesari


Rava 1cup
Sugar 1.5 to 2 cup
Ghee close to 1 cup
Water 2.5 to 3 cup
Cashew 15
Raisins 15
Cardamom pods crushed 4
Kesar 4-6 strands

1) Fry the cashews and Raisins in 1/4 of the
ghee till golden brown remove and keep aside
2) in the same kadai pan roast the rava for
5 mins on medium flame
3) as it is toasting slowly add sugar into the rava, mix it.
4) sugar will slowly dissolve into rava and cooks it
5) In another pan keep the water hot and add it to the mixture of rava and sugar
6) keep stirring, add saffron strands into the mixture and keep cooking
7) add crushed cardamom and stir till 90% of water has been observed
8) add ghee gradually till it is absorbed into kesari, delicious and soft lump less kesari is ready

p.s : water 3 parts for very soft kesari
Sugar 1 cup for sweetness or little less according to the required sweetness