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The heart speaks


Has been abt 3-4 yrs since i came to this chat . Lost count actually . When i first came i used to be very defensive (some call it fighting). I used to get defensive wen someone made fun of my age in particular . One thing will lead to another and the mild exchange of words will turn into abuses . Obviously i wud fight back right? Wrong! I was expected to either walk away silently or block the person . Now how many times would i block him? Each time he comes in you block him maple ! Says my friend . But why ? Why should i run and hide or block him? Shudnt my abuser be given a gud earful and be banished from the chat world? Ok perhaps not banished but at least a warning? What happens is all of a sudden the heroes spring frm nowhere and i get a whole list of advice . Lemme share a couple of it ; chill maple, relax maple , dont fight maple,block him maple, why are you always angry map! Haha . Sometimes i wanna let go of the abuser and take these ADVISORS n punch the daylights outta them . Hahaha ! But as time went on i realised one thing here . People abuse and insult coz they are insecure and feel inferior . And my heart goes out to these people . I pity you my dear abusers . I think i now understand your need to abuse and i feel you guys . Hence i have stopped fighting back . I have now taken a new approach . I just laugh wen u abuse me . And you know what? If it gives you even the smallest of happiness wen you abuse me , so be it!