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vjy tv BIG bOsss ( mama house )

Big Boss Voice kettaa comedy ah iruka ???

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intelligent idiot

Senior Member
Ini Pullayaa  pethu  school  anupurathaa  vidu  ::D pulaaya   pethu vjy  tv  ku anupuna  pothum   avanay comedy  show    ::D singer dance    :cool: :D   kneer  drama   athu  ithunu ::D famous  agituvanga  polaa   pa

BIG BOss  nadathurana   Illa  mama  vela  nadakuthaaa  ::p   Tdy  task   Love  hairsh  and  BIndhu   

:D :D :D :D :D :D
Kovangal   varuthu

intelligent idiot

Senior Member
Thread Starter
Nan already sonnen MAMA house BIG Boss illa avan MAMA thaanu

Today task proven BIG BOSS= MAMA thaanu :p
yesterday task Haris Love pannnuran EMathanumam adai nenga BIG Boss nadathuringala Illaa
******* nadathuringala

Kamal kettu kondathan peral Avaaai nagaraikam :p nirainthaa post