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What I knew about Korean Dramas (aka KDRAMA)...........


Silver Hawk
Started with Kill Me, Heal Me (About multiple personality disorder - Romantic, action):g::g:
Then Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Love between a Goblin and a human; Friendship between a Grim Reaper and a Goblin):B::B:
Then Two Worlds - (Drama - Clash between the real world and a fantasy world inside a webtoon):):)
Then Legends in the blue Sea (Romance between a Mermaid and a human - Connection between present and past lives):inlove::inlove:
Then The Secret Garden (Drama between a rich business man and a stunt woman - Soul exchange between them) :clap::clap:
Then Boys over flowers (Drama about Friendship and relationship between people pursuing high school studies) :idea::idea:
Then, I am not a robot (Sci-fi genre, Drama between a wealthy, isolated person due to severely allergic when his skin is in contact with other person and a girl act as robot) :smile1::smile1:
Now, Are You Human Too (Sci-fi genre, To protect the position of heir, AI robot was sent in place of the original human who was in Coma and fulfill the duties) :pp::pp:

Advantages of Korean serial :

1. Korean people's sentiments are always in sync with indian people, especially tamils.
2. Some of the words in korean language are same or similar in sounding as that of tamil (Appa, Umma, .........................)
3. No Mega serial type. Max 25 episodes each drama. Each episodes - 1 hr approximately.
4. Well written and interesting screenplays.

PS: https://kissasian.sh/ (You can get almost all dramas in this site with English subtitles). :whist::whist:
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