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What will you choose ?

Immortal Goddess

Staff member
Imagine one fine day, a genie pops up in front you and gives you 4 choices to change your life. You're allowed to pick only ONE out of the four choices.
1. What will you choose?
2. Why?

Ps: This is a hypothetical question, so let your imagination run wild :p


New Member
I would love to travel free for my lifetime!!

Time Travel is intriguing as well to visit all the great philosophers and the world warz but I dun wanna Go back,

Other hand, gene is offering me a lifetime free travel, thats awsm, I have never been in a flight so far, never been outa India till nw,, sooo I wud love to fly across oceans and meet the horizons , experience all the funny stuffs ! Free lifetime Travel is a dream cm true fr Me,, ❤

What wud yu choose Immortal ?

Since 1983

I Want to choose to Hang out with the Richest Person on Earth for 2 years. it leads to giving the remaining 3 things Time Travel, 5 Million Dollars, and Life Time Free Travel through Flight Allover World.:P1:
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Immortal Goddess

Staff member
My choice will be TIME TRAVEL.

Reason: My past life wasn't a bed of roses but thorns.
Reliving my past traumas, mistakes and memories isn't that pleasant.
So I would love to shake things up and start life back with a clean sheet (my childhood,school and university life).
So when I look back again I will have nice memories to cherish.

Ops ithu creative reply eh ila, sounds serious :D but ena pana me and my sob story is never ending. :p


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Senior Member
Absolutely nothing. Coz if it was a FINE DAY according to you I wouldnt need a genie coz if ur a billionaire or a broke all u need is ONE FINE DAY right from the day u attain mental cognition over consciousness.if it was a FINE DAY a genie wont be neccessary to give us a boon or bane