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When You Cheat On Someone…

Immortal Goddess

Be kind, but don't be a fool to tolerate drama!!!


when you cheat on someone…

you make it hard for them to trust anyone. it might have been easy for you to do what you did, but for them, it’ll never be easy to forget.

a heart is shattered, and it is you who broke it. they blame themselves for everything. they think to themselves, “i’m not enough.”

do not go back to them with an apology. do not remind them of all the pain you caused. you’re not really sorry, you just want to feel better about yourself.

you change them. everything they believed in seems like an illusion, including you. their perception towards the world becomes bitter, thinking that everybody will hurt them, just like you did.

do not defend yourself. accept it, you knew you’d be hurting them, but you did it anyway. accept it, you’ve been disloyal and no excuse or justification will change what you did.

don’t ask them to be friends. after all, you’ve neither been a lover nor a friend.

you cheat yourself, too, of what could have been a beautiful relationship.

when you cheat on someone, lower your head and leave. and never return to them.

written by Shrushti for The Scribbled Stories