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Recent content by Jigarthandaa

  1. J

    Enga mikeku birthday

    Thankyusomuch Argus
  2. J

    Enga mikeku birthday

    Danksu Makku Maayaaa
  3. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Love you Both
  4. J

    What will you choose ?

    I would love to travel free for my lifetime!! Time Travel is intriguing as well to visit all the great philosophers and the world warz but I dun wanna Go back, Other hand, gene is offering me a lifetime free travel, thats awsm, I have never been in a flight so far, never been outa India till...
  5. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Welcome Raspyy,, Truly said! It takes lotsa courage to go against the norms and the system in which u ve been programmed since birth, Only few people actually realise it, that most of us are living a programmed life, Yeah, You can think of a person who is following the norms blindly, and we...
  6. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Hahaha, Thankyou for taking ua time to read and reply Rowdy!! Yess,, U cant sleep until u have what u wish for,, and after acquiring all the things that you wished for, then u will think why u wished for it at all... What Im proposing is, if you think deep down, all our materialistic wishes...
  7. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Thumbs Up for ua time!
  8. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Argus,, I wud be happy if you say your thoughts and opinions about life and what you feel about success,, rather than praisin me Lol,,,
  9. J

    Marriage ~ Leo Tolstoy in parvaiyil

    I think that's written by him after getting married! Normally, for exame, when u wr in college, u wud tell your juniors not to skip classes or not to drink much or you gonna end up like me,, But whatever you say, they gona commit the same mistake that you did! Its a common thing to blame ourself...
  10. J

    Life and Success!!!

    Hey Everyone, I just got me registered here, Nice to see this initiative! This Thread is to get opinions from the readers on the topic , Life and Success(not sure if anyone gona read this Lol). I will penn down what I am trying to get as response from you all. Life! You born, you...
  11. J

    When doubts arise and fears dismay !

    I just registered myself here and your posts are the latest thread, reading them!
  12. J

    Feeling Insecure or Unworthy?

    Nice but its hard to ask them and follow them