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Diya Apr 20, 2019

  1. Diya

    Diya New Member

    A long standing thought in regards to this chat room. Specifically some users call females as KELAVI or AAYA in this chat site. Not gonna be a old woman because they say so hahahahaha. But as a matter of fact any human being would like his/ her self respect . If at all we react to it, we are given out to block and move on. I agree with the point of block and move on. But who decides the chatting age limit for general public. Two extreme perverts SMILE and SMOKER keep targeting females calling them kelavi. Isnt that a disrespect in a public chat room. If complained to admins some reply as. " Admin ku vera velai illaiya " . Is this a responsible answer i wonder. Who looks after these kinda issues. We come here to relax not to be provoked. Even if I m a old woman why does it need to be addressed in every chat session. Reminder of our milestone or what?. I genuinely expect an reply for this note. In the context of this how many men are here above the age of 35 and 40..... Does this age reminder is only for females. Isn't it applicable for men too. Cope on guys, narrow mindedness is the only aspect here of this problem. But to be abused on a everyday basis is pretty nasty too. Hope the admins can highlight the perverts to pull their pants and walk their way. HAVE A LOVELY SATURDAY ALL.
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  2. Tamil Forums

    Tamil Forums Forum Info Staff Member Forum Community

    There are Internet trolls everywhere , if you think what they say about your age isn't a problem then you should not worry about it ,there are bigger problems to fish .

    You should know these problems are not big . These are kind of issues nobody cares to really notice because it isnt worth it . We can't ask users to verify age as well . so problems like these are best to ignore.
  3. Tamil Forums

    Tamil Forums Forum Info Staff Member Forum Community

    There are so many Dumb men, women like that everywhere , we can't police them everytime . Nobody can .
  4. samy12

    samy12 Member

    you are rite
  5. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

  6. The Great buddha after attaining gyan and became famous and he visited many places. He told and educated many people about morals of life. In those places some already knew about Buddha is great saint. They offered sweets to buddha and to his disciples. but buddha did not picked any sweets and so as his disciples too. so the villagers taken back the sweets to their home. Next day Buddha went to another village. the people live there hated him for no reason. they threw stones at buddha and scolded him in bad words. Buddha stood calm and went away. One of his disciples got sad frustrated and asked buddha why did he withstand all of the villagers scolding and stone attacks. Buddha replied to him because it is belong to them. Buddha explained the last day when the other people offered good praises and sweets. So they collected them back as they owned it. And today this villagers come with bad words and stones. Now they own and going back with it.

    Hope this helps
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  7. Star

    Star Member

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  8. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    But intha moral ipo use agaathu Mr Saravedi, Adicha thiripi adingrathayum thaandi adika nenaikravana kolanum minority report movie mathuri :p
    Naai nga chat ku vanthu spam potu abuse paninaa
    Irangi adikanum, Thimaranum daaa
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  9. Erkalam...ipo ungaluku solution kidachirukalaam.... ana ithu yevlo nalaki saathiyam?....
    its a cycle.... kandipa ninga senja vishyatha tirumba ninga seya vendi varum...
    And na antha kathai sonathu ,, antha ponu complaint pana antha stage ku..antha time ku matum....

    Mazhai ...Unga nimathiya ninga thaka vachuka aasaipatingana, you have to let your Anger strings Go
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  10. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    Hey Sarvedi, agree to disagree :)
    Namma nimathya thakka vechika kovatha vida koodathu, kovatha channel panni use pananum. Age vechu troll panrathu mattum avanga mean panala, intha mathuri neraya vishaym iruku chat la. Elaathayum paathutu porumaya irukrathu solution ila, yaaruko thaan nadanthuchu namakku enna nu nenakrathum thappu.
    Ignore panrathu naala thaan trollers innum jaasthi aagraanga.
    We live in a world of normalcy. 10% crime nadakara apo, elaarum react panuvaanga bayam , aacharyam apidi, but 90% crime andakara apo athuve normal agirum. Antha maathuri aaga koodathu na kova padanum. china china vishyathukum sethi vechu kovam padanum. Kovam ilai na we animals will perish.
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  11. Mazhai ninga sonathu nanum padichurken

    oru kundoosi nam meethu paayvathai
    uruthi seythi kanam

    yethiriyin mel veesum aayutham
    kadapaaraiyaga eruka vendum

    ithil pava punniyam parpathu
    = Joseph Stalin (Russia)
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