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Chat Info Ban MIMITHA

Nanda Apr 25, 2019

  1. Nanda

    Nanda Naan Oru Fraud Punda

    Y u cannot permanent ban Abuser Mimitha? I need PRO. What is the procedure to get Pro. How can I contact admin for emergency? Please give mail id to contact admin . please help me as soon as possible.
  2. samy12

    samy12 Member

    post a valid reason for the ban ..!! contact the in chat admins to get the Pro user if you are active in chat you will get PRO:bandit:
  3. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    samy12, If you read carefully, OP(Original Poster) already stated a valid reason in his request for ban.
    "Abuser Mimitha"

    1. a person who uses something to bad effect or for a bad purpose.
      "notorious abusers of the English language"

    2. a person who treats another person or animal with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.
      "abusers often control the victim's access to friends and family
    If you wanted reason you have it, but if you wanted proof like screenshot then thats a different story.

    my 2¢,
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  4. samy12

    samy12 Member

    hey there..! only abuser is not the valid reason..! any way i cant find any thing else in this post.. if u can have more details send it to the admin .. he will do ..thanks
  5. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    @samy12 why not?? Why is being an abuser not a valid reason enough?
    Ok if you read the rules carefully given below in the site, pt 3.. you will understand better, i have attached a screenshot for your reference. Besides, i have seen admin (Sarcastic Joker to be specific) ban users when they abuse. It also shows the reason for ban is because he was an abuser.
    So why do you think being abuser is ok? and not a valid reason for ban?

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  6. samy12

    samy12 Member

    i understand the forum rules...an i know that tooo ...kindly send your request to the chat/ forum admin or moderator to ban ..they will do ASAP
  7. Nanda

    Nanda Naan Oru Fraud Punda

    How can I reach admin or Moderator....
    I don't know how to reach them so I posted here.... Bcoz it's forum to tell all of are issues..... If u having their contact plz forward this to them....

    Now ne spammer created name MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    If we had block still msgs showing how is it possible....