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Beat The Clock Chutney's

vidya_vidya Jan 25, 2019

  1. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Are you single? Do you hate spending time in kitchen yet a food lover:PPP: join the club, you are not alone. I am gonna share five chutney recipes which are easy to do and can do in no time. Welcome to the lazy cooks kitchen.

    1. Peanut Chutney

    Ingredients: Measurements for small mixer jar

    1. Fried peanuts -- Half cap in small jar
    2. Cumin seeds---Half a tea spoon
    3. Red chilies---3 to 4 based on your spice level
    4. Tamarind--------Star gooseberry size(Chinna nellikkai)
    5. Salt-------------As per the need

    Blend all of them with little water. Tempering is optional as I am lazy, I skip this always:pp:

    2. Hot chutney

    Ingredients: Measurements for small mixer jar

    1.Red Chilies-----10 to 15 (spice level of red chilies are not same, some of them are super spicy and some of them are not.choose the number based on what you have)
    2. Coconut-------Quarter Cup in small mixer jar
    3. Tamarind-------Star gooseberry size
    4. Salt-----------As per the need

    Blend them with necessary water. Tempering is must as this chuteny is super spicy and add like 4 to 5 tea spoons of gingelly oil.

    3.Green chutney

    Ingredients: Measurements for small mixer jar

    1. Coriander leaves----Add as much as you can in the small mixer jar.
    2. Coconut------------Less than quarter cup in small mixer jar.
    3. Green chilies--------2
    4. Tamarind---------Star gooseberry size.
    5. Salt--------As per the need.

    Put the coriander leaves in the jar. Blend them for few seconds then add all other ingredients. Tempering is not necessary for this chutney.

    4. Red chutney
    1. Onion-------Quarter cup in mixer jar
    2. Tomato------Half cup in mixer jar
    3. Red chilies------2 or 3 based on your spice level
    4. Jaggery-------A small piece
    5. Ginger----A small piece(Blueberrie size)
    6.Salt---------As per the need

    Dont cook any of them. Yes you read right. Add them raw and blend them. You will be surprised by the taste. Add little bit of tamarind if you want.

    5. Coconut chutney
    Everyone knows how to make them. yet wanna add that in the list. As I make this chutney at least once a week.

    1.Coconut --- Quarter cup in mixer jar
    2. Roasted bengal gram---less than a quarter cup
    3. Green chilies-------------2 or 3
    4. Garlic-----------1 small piece
    5. Coriander leaves------Few leaves
    6. Salt----------As per the need

    Blend them and tempering is optional!:pp: You can replace the bengal gram with peanuts as well.

    If you have noticed, all the chutney's require no cooking in stove. Easy to make yet delicious. A quick fix for tired dinner. Perfect for working people. Family man or woman can also try on a boring day. Try them at your place and let me know how does it taste. Also tell me which one is your favorite.
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  2. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Mam Do U Know Thakkali Chutney ( Vadivel Version ) :pp: That's My Fav. lol

    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  3. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Ravanan, indha madhiri thakkali chutney vangirukeengala?:pp:
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  4. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Koduthuirukuren :pp:
  5. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    soldreenga, nambithana aganum:P1: Ravanan nra perukachum
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  6. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    Ravana avanga oorula kutty dadha:laugh::laugh:
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