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THIRAVIYAM Feb 7, 2020



    Yes you read that right!
    Thatz all i ve in ma account to survive!
    well thiz post iznt for sympathy but more kinda empathy.....!
    So how doez it feelz when ur broke? Not in d sense financially but literally in everything be it love be it relationships be it ur health....!?

    Though being a doc myself i wonder it may b my incompetence to make money or may b i dunt deserve to be earn...!I leave that to ur notion.
    I waz born in a hut literally with no electricity and waz there till ma six yearz....!

    But as yearz rolled out things changed as both of ma parents were hardworking i were no more in a position to get my essential needs but even better to get a luxurious life!

    I didnt ve to deal with any financial needs as till ma graduation ma parentz took care of it!! But things drastically changed wen the responsibility came on ma back to earn!

    i did earned TBH but until one point which i waz hit with a severe health issue....i ve to rely on ma parents 1ce again.

    Ma 4ndz came as a messiah nd helped me to deal outta situation but the thing iz when u ve lived ur whole life as a king u oughta live like a king even if u knew very well ur completely broke! They too can help a lil bit 2 their limit but they do ve their own responsibilities and that too reached itz limit...!
    As a dictum the burden fell on ma parents again...!

    still i dunt wanna burden more on them more!!
    i found abway to live a life more like a daily wager...!

    every1 in their life mostly 2 ma knowledge ve crossed thiz stage b it me or vijay mallaiya or anil ambani or steve jobs....!

    So how does it feel to b actually being broke...?

    Well on an advantage it showz pple their true colors when ur nothing nd u ve nothing 2 lose....!

    Itz when u ve nothing 2 lose ur the d mightiest in d world coz u dunt ve d fear to lose anything!
    u start 4m d scratch 1ce again nd face d harsh reality of the truth that ur being broke.. !

    well life iznt all abt money but still life without money iznt worth it be it a single penny to a beggar to every billion dollar to an entrepreneur .

    losers deny the harsh reality while winners move on accepting the harsh reality...!!

    well the cursor is blinking for ma next words to type nd TBH im jzt clueless as to wat 2 type...!

    so what will save ur ass when ur broke be it financially emotionally being in a love or relationship...!?
    ur luck...? Yeah chances r slime
    ur faith in god!?... Well i dunno as im an agnostic
    ur hardwrk perhaps...?hmmm mayb in most cases but not all
    all the three combined...!? Well it m8 wrkout but still therez something missing...!

    HOPE.... thiz Iz what keeps humanity still alive..
    ur luck may fail u....
    ur faith in god may fail u...
    even ur hardwrk may fail u....
    but HOPE it never fails u until u clinge onto it...!!

    Hope iz d next best thing invented by humans next to penicillin....!

    Even if u knw 4 sure u gonna die next minute never lose HOPE coz still uve 60 secz 2 achieve what u want...!

    P. S. dedicated 2 all losers(so as they r addressed)
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