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Can We predict our Future ? Is Time Travelling and Time machine for Real ?

Insomniac Aug 7, 2017

  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    I always had a thought about Time Travelling, Time machines and Predicting out Future. Am not sure about the Time Travelling and time machines but Predicting the Future is something I can actually do.

    First, of, there are two different things that seem same to common people but are not.
    1. Seeing future (you see what happens)
    - It cannot be changed or altered, what you see, is what happens, no matter what you do.
    - For example, you see that in near future a dangerous plague hits the earth and kills 99% of humanity within weeks, so governments panic, they try to gather people into "safe zones" but then what happens, is that outbreak takes place inside of that safe zone and is caused by like 2 animals or humans brought together that have some unknown virus that is harmless when separate but will react with each other. so by trying to prevent it, you actually cause it.
    - So no matter what you do, you cannot prevent the outcome.
    (A Little Dramatic thought may be)

    2. predict future (you see what happens, but cuz of you see what happens, you are able to change it)
    - this is why it's called future prediction because it is one of many outcomes
    -For Example, Two countries are at war and they started to kill innocent civilians, kids. Other countries might either join the war or intervene and stop the war. There might be either a huge human loss or they might reduce it by stopping the war.

    I have few theories to look at about the future.Just a Theory that I have in mind.

    Theory 1.

    The whole universe is some sort of "loop". just like everything that we are aware of, repeats itself.Earth orbits around the sun, but at some point, it always turns back into the same place where it was.maybe after some time (millions or billions of years) the whole universe will collapse into a massive black hole and then there will be another "big bang"
    It might not be same as this one, but at some point, the even universe will run out of different options. just like in computers, if you have a password containing 8 digits and only numbers, it can contain 99999999 different combinations. There is a limit on how many different ways you can put universe together and I think it will repeat itself after some time.

    So actually you won't see future, but you see the past, but they are the same thing. There are some "waves" left behind from each "loop" and they can be picked up by humans (this is why some people see/predict future very accurately).

    Theory 2.

    The universe is engineered by something or someone and it does what it is programmed to do and by tapping into the "plan" of the universe, you can see what happens next.
    it's quite poor theory, but possible. You can't be sure that some giant alien race did not build the whole universe or maybe it is a just illusion and it isn't that big ..etc
    there are numerous possibilities, but my point is that universe might not be natural as humans think it is. There might be many unknown things out there and no human had ever found it.

    Theory 3.

    But it is documented that some people can see future (including me, I'll explain below).
    but ... if you can't change the future you see, then how do you know that you see future and not make it happen for yourself?
    so the theory is based on the power of human mind, there is a saying that "if you really want something, you will get it"
    Maybe some people simply have the power to alter the universe/reality and make things happen.

    Theory 4.

    We all know that human dreams are a mystery. Science has proved that humans dream and which part of brain dreams ...etc
    but it's still a bit of a mystery.  "WHY we dream?"If your body rests during sleeping, then why do you dream? animals also dream btw.
    and another question is "WHY most dreams are bad?"

    most realistic explanation to these questions is that your brain trains itself/you for possible real life situations. it is proven that people who are aware of their dreams more than others can handle life better because they have been prepared for every possible situation in their dreams. Even if you have a good dream, think closely, why you were in that dream? did you felt insecure about something?
    So I think it's quite sure, that we dream because our brain is simulating real life situations while we sleep.Also while you dream, your brain works a lot faster, what feels like 1 day in a dream, can be just 1 second in real life.

    Now, if something bad happens in real life, then you will say "I SAW IT IN MY DREAM!" You only remember this, because it really happened and this dream will surface. My point is that maybe you go through most possibilities of life in your dreams and when something does happen for real, then that it will surface.

    An example of this is that when you really need to go somewhere (some meeting, college ..etc) and you put on expensive and nice clothes and then it starts raining...

    we almost always say "every time I put on nice clothes it starts raining" or if you need to get somewhere fast with the car and then there are lot of red lights and traffic jams again almost always we say "every fucking time I need to get somewhere fast, I get red lights and jams" but really, is that it is NOT like that, it is always same, our brain just surfaces things and you won't notice those jams and red lights if you are not in a rush. you just listen to the radio or watch birds fly ..etc and you won't even notice you are stuck in traffic jam or it rains, but if you are in the situation with your mind (focused on it), then everything seems different.

    This is where those sayings come from.Or like if you work with computers and there is a blackout during your important work, you would say "just when I was doing this important work" ..but think back, how many blackouts have you had? I'm sure it is "regular", like once a year, or twice a year, but you do important work also like 100 times a year, so it's just 1 of 100.it is a just example though.

    So to conclude Theory 4 ... maybe no one sees future, maybe some people have just learned to control their dreams and recall them whenever they want, then they use their conscious mind to take out most realistic situations, this is why no fortune teller/Astrologer ever tells you 100% details because they don't know. They just take out most realistic parts from their dreams. (for example, if fortune teller?Astrologer sees that person gets eaten by a giant monster and also that person gets eaten by giant shark, then more realistic would be shark attack, so fortune teller says "you will get attacked by a shark or some big animal)or if they say you are gonna be famous they just say the possible career you might choose to become famous, they also keep the current situation you are in and might provide an information about what might happen ........

    I don't know much about the Time Machine or moving in the Time concept.But I can have few thoughts.When you do something in life and face certain situation and your mind and thoughts might undergo some process to deal with it, later in life you move on and after few years you might face the same situation few examples would be falling in love again, doing a Crime again, meeting an old person you missed .....There are so many circumstances your brain thinks backward which means will roll back to those situations again and learn to deal with it.The Situations might be mostly Uncertain and unexpected that you had to travel back in time to remember .this is one possible explanation I could give about the time travel.But we do travel back in time when we think about those memories that had happened in the past.we either learn from it or do the same process to over come the same.
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  2. Varunavi

    Varunavi New Member

    :) :O Excellent write up. Am always having so much of interest about this Time travel things (even I don't know about theories :p) did you know about 'The nine unknown' novel by Talbot Mundy?! On that book he said there is a possibility in time traveling. And I read in an article that NASA have a proper evidence about time travel asap they gonna reveal some interesting facts about this and also about the Aliens. Anyway thanks for this post and please keep updating. ^_^
  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, I haven't heard about the book but will have a look .Time Travelling is an interesting topic to talk about.There are so many scientifically saying it's easy to travel forward with time rather than going to the past.For example, when an astronaut spends 10 years traveling in space it might take 50 years here on earth since the time in space is considerably slow.But that's the only concept that has been best explained, Other than that most of the time traveling concepts are theories ...Theories like "theory of Relativity","Wormholes"(black holes),"Cosmic Strings","grandfather paradox".these are few theories that mathematically explain the possibility but don't know if that's physically possible.There are lots of hoax and facts they state about time traveling and people doing it over the internet but it's all still uncertain and mostly only to make money out of clicking on the links.They even said Hitler Time traveled But if he was capable of doing that why couldn't he win the WW2 if he can see a future by time traveling.More over NASA is working on the Einstein's theory of relativity in the International space station to see if there is a physical possibility. It could be achieved by traveling at the speed of light.But wait what will happen to a human body if things travel that fast?.Deformation of particles and molecules and will the human be alive until the end or? die in between??Think what happens when you travel fast on a vehicle there are certain changes to the inner hormones and mental stability, but traveling at the speed of light?That's something not possible physically may be a very advanced tech is needed.

    There are few movies about it, Back to the future is the best time traveling movie which gives us a thought if we go back to the past and change things a new time line is framed for the future?We don't have an actual answer for it.If one person is gonna travel back to the past and change things how many people's lives does that changes in future?At the end of the day, all we decide is there are so many theoretical and mathematical possibilities but the practical occurrence is something no one has proved with absolute correlation.​
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  4. Varunavi

    Varunavi New Member

    It seems you already know much about theories :eek: wowwww great and thanks :)
  5. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    I just know the names of those theories..!lol
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