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Solved CrossFire ban and mute

Administrator Feb 2, 2019

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    I got a mail today from one of our user stating "why you guys mute and ban us and never take any action against the sam and his friends"

    1. Are you sure we never took any steps to stop them?. Who do you think, blocked unwanted browser login? Who do you think? removed copy paste access from mobile and desktop browsers? Are we gonna take step against it? Sure yes, we gonna make more updates ASAP.

    2. Why he keep spamming? Becoz of the guest login access. May have a great idea to remove the guest access from chat. Oru chinna vishayam sollurean, chat la login pannunga main roomla. Ethina register id irukku and ethina guest id login la irukunu count panni paarunga. Count panni parkkum pothey theriyum, yean guest id innum remove pannalanu.,Oorla lancham oliyala oliyalanu sollitu iruntha? olinjidumaa, lancham kodukuratha nipaatanum, appuram thaaana ninnudum athe pola dhaan ithuvum.

    3. Anyway ungala korai solli kuttham ella, we will make things harder for users to login and register.

    4. The mail claimed "are we letting him in". No we are not, indian DOT (telecom) is letting him in, like each and everyone connect their should be a static IP address. There is a advance IPv6 option available so we can provide them single IP for a connection. It will stop these kind of future abuses and spamming.

    5. The spammers are hackers? NO he is not :D lol, if you know how to use the copy paste in browser and switching mobile network data connection :D does not make u hacker or so. He is just a psychotic goon trying to be smart. Technically he is just losing his dignity himself by digging a hole in a sewer.. Anyway he is helping my like a lab rat to secure the site from future events.

    6. Do we care about our users? Sure we do that's why we are providing pro and vip, accounts for users who are loyal to the chat site.

    To the mailed person: the ban/mute on you was a misfire so, just ignore it and keep chatting with your friends and have fun around.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 3, 2019
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  2. thamil forum

    thamil forum New Member

    Pro koduthurinka intha useruku Screenshot_20190815-153811~2.png Screenshot_20190815-154142~2.png Screenshot_20190815-154324~2.png Screenshot_20190815-154605~2.png Screenshot_20190815-162304~2.png Screenshot_20190815-162547~2.png abuse pannurar pro user abuse pannalama ma chat la?
  3. Suri

    Suri New Member

    Appo Normal User abuse panalamaa:C::C:Ennadaa logic Yaraaaa Neeee:blessing: