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Cutest Fight ...


Bedazzle Charm


" Stop talking to me and drive the car ?" The girl scowled.

" Charu, Please listen .It wasn't intentional and I didnt mean to hurt you. " the guy looked at his angry girlfriend and trying hard to make up.

" Nandu, You know me for years and How could you think that I need to control my anger when there is nothing wrong on me ?. Is it wrong to stand up for me ?". She miffed

" You're a junior team member in the company and sometimes you need to control your anger which helps you in People management when your career moves higher ?" he tried to hold her hands

She took back her hands and lean towards the car window. "I know ..You always blame me and you never understand. Hmm you too a Manager right " She turned her face away.

" Now stop talking to me and drive..don't talk to me until we reach my home " She shouted at him. The guy has no idea what to do but he didn't talk to her as she said.

The car reached near her home and he looked at her" Look, Now stop thinking what happened in the office today. Take rest" he waved her goodbye. She didnt see him and but said goodbye and left the car.

At 10.30 pm, her mobile beeped " Charu, I am sorry. Tomorrow is weekend and I dont want you to sleep in this mode. Okay"

She replied with a "K and Good Night, I m gonna sleep bye "

Next morning, She woke up around 6 a.m and looked at her mobile. No message and no good morning. 'He didnt even care huh...I am not gonna talk to him until he texts me first'

She had her morning coffee and took her clothes for washing. She tried to divert her mind in watching TV, but her eyes were looking at her phone often.

Around 6.30 am, the phone was ringing. "Nandu Calling" her face was full of smiles and took her phone.

"Hello.." She replied dully.

"Morning Charu.." he smirked

" Yeh Morning...Why are you calling me this early "

" Just came out for a walk, thought of calling you " He smiled again

" Oh, why are you calling when you're walking. Hear some songs and walk".. she expressed her disappointment

" Omg, Are you still angry for what happened yesterday morning ..You must be kidding me"

" Nope, You didnt even care to text me back after I said Good night and morning no Good morning "

"Hello Madam, I gave you call ..." He laughed

She couldn't control her smile when he called her madam.."Okay, Sir, I m busy and I will call you later "

"Oh, what are you doing exactly this morning to keep you busy ?"

" None of your business Nandu "

" Arrey C'mon..What are you doing ?" He pleaded her

" Uh..I put my clothes for washing and going to dry my clothes on the balcony "

"Seriously Charu, you're mad. It's gonna rain and you gonna put your clothes dry? Haven't you checked outside ?" He smirked again

" WHT...I saw it was sunday... Wait lemme see outside ?" She opened her window and was totally taken aback.

There he was standing infront of her house near to his Black Honda Accord in White Tshirt and checked black shorts looking at her angry girlfriend. 'Idiot..' She gave him a big smile.

P.S: I am dead bored and this is one of my mushings...Hehhe so dig into the story just read and enjoy :)



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Jul 28, 2017
i can say its a most,cutest love.....nice