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Did Tamils rule Korea?


Listen to the silence, See through the darkness
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Jul 27, 2017
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Check out this Answer and its mind blowing :) We rule the world guys :) we are history fo this world and we do more.

The queen is from india that is true but she’s is not belongs to ayodhya because her name itself proves that she is from tamilnadu. Her name was Sambavalam later it has changed as Samguk yusa the name Samguk yusa itself derived from her real name Sambavalam. The name ayut does not actually ayodhya. Kanya kumari earlier it was ayut only. The queen went to korea from kanyakumari(ayut) through sea . So, there is no sea in ayodhya till today. Korean Language has tons and tons of tamil words similarily (ex: amma-mother,appa-father,naal-day,uraam-manure,pull-grass,pudhu-new,Santhosam-happiness,sourru-rice,bambu-snake.,)

I have given just few words of similarities. Actually both the languages has tons of similar words. That is the identity of korean. Koreans are feeling proud to have Sambavalam queen from tamilnadu and they are doing research more about her history. Not only now Everytime central government not doing justice for tamilnadu/tamil/south indians people…. Gov. Have to take Samguk yusa statue from ayodhya and transfer to tamilnadu. Future koreans come to know deeply about Sambavalam queen then they will rise question about your culprit mind.. No one can rewrite the history. No one can take some one’s identity…