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Don't Miss It. The Story of Us.

! RaVaNaN ! Feb 23, 2018

  1. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    The Story of Us
    with Morgan FreeMan

    Really Excellent episodes in National Geographic Channel. Morgan Freeman Interviewing Present Different Personalities With Past Historic Stories About Human being. Learning About Human Stories is one of the way to Sustain Humanity in this World.

    So Don't Miss it

    Morgan Freeman meets people from various cultural backgrounds to learn about their stories and fundamental forces including love, peace, power and freedom that bind humans together.The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman focuses on topics of our shared humanity. Each of the six episodes will look at a force that has shaped humans since the beginning of time: power, belief, rebellion, war & peace, freedom and love. Morgan again travels around the world to meet people – from powerful world leaders, to ordinary people with extraordinary stories – to hear stories that are relatable on a global scale. "The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman" premieres Wednesday, October 11 on National Geographic.


    One Story About Genocide ( Trailer )

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  2. saravanan

    saravanan Member

    While Shawshank Redemption was his biggest role, Driving Miss Daisy was his masterpiece performance. Apart from those, he hasn’t done much to affect the outcome of a movie.