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Have you ever wondered what book to read? Here are my top ten.

vidya_vidya Sep 19, 2017

  1. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    I love reading books. A good book can bring a person out of depression and a bad book can give a head ache. So, I choose books based on the review. I like soft romance novel. Sometimes, we love some books regardless of its genre just because they are awesome. I have created a list of top ten books that I enjoyed reading.

    1.Ponniyin selvan

    Pooniyin selvan is a treasure to tamil novel readers. I am a devotee of kalki and this is one of his best novel. I like ponniyin selvan and harry potter equally. But I prefer to give the top to ponniyin selvan because I could connect more with this book since it’s my mother tongue. I am at loss of words, how amazing this book is! This book takes us to the king’s era through the description and details. It is about the Raja Raja cholan who built the famous Tanjore temple. It is written in 19th century where women were not treated equally in India. But throughout this book, women are portrayed strong and powerful. Vanthiyathevan, arul mozhivarmar, ponniyin selvar, poonkuzhali, nandhini, senthan, kunthavai, vanathi, aalvarkuadiyaan all are brilliant characters and will live in my heart forever!

    2.Harry potter

    Welcome to the wizards’ world! Imagination at its best. The first series I have ever read. I have read these series thrice and I will read even more. This book was loved by all kinds of people from a teen ager to an older adult. If you want to introduce reading habit to any younger brother or sister, buy this for them. A good series to add to the collections. Harry, hermione, ron are the lead characters and Voldemort, the black magician who would like to bring the magic world under his control is a villain. How harry and his friends from Hogwarts save the world from Voldemort is the one-line story. It is gripping, entertaining and a wonderful read!

    3.Pride and prejudice

    Jane Austen, a lovely woman who wrote this book in 18th century. She is never married yet she wrote brilliant romance novels. She is the reason why I couldn’t fall in love. I fell in love with Mr. Darci (the hero of this novel) that I search my Darci in every man I see which I couldn’t succeed obviously! A simple yet powerful love story with two strong leads. A man who reads this novel might love elizahbeth and women would love darci. Don’t attempt to read this without a dictionary! If you don’t like to read hard words and refer the dictionary then watch a movie. It’s a lovely book. Read this book if you are in love or if you want to be in love!!

    4.The girl on the train

    A thriller novel written by Paula Hawkins. I read this book recently and fell in love with this immediately. There are three female leads in this story who describe their views in each chapter and at one point of time they all meet and something mysterious happens. How they are related to the mystery and how it gets resolved is all about the story. A gripping novel.

    5.Message in a bottle

    Nicolas sparks is my hero! I would like to be loved by the way the heroines of his books were loved. If you like soft romance novel then you will love his work. He has written many novels that you might see a lot of similarity. We tend to like the first book that we read of an author. I am not an exception. Message in a bottle is a heart touching story and I cried two days after reading it. (I am not a sensitive person) The heroine gets a bottle in the beach with a message inside. The message is from a man to his lost lover. The heroine is a journalist and she publishes the message in the paper. Soon she receives some more messages from the public that they also got the same from the beach. She connects the dot through the letters and tries to find the man who wrote the letters. Whether she finds him and what happens after that is the story all about. Spoiler Alert!!! If you don’t like a sad ending, don’t read this.

    6.I’ve got your number

    It is difficult to bring humor in a book. This is the first ever book I laughed out loud while reading. Yes, I literally laughed and woke my friend at night! This is a feel good type of book. If you have short time and would like to read a book to bring a lighter mood then this is the best choice. Sophie has written many books and all her books are humorous. Honorable mentions, remember me, shopaholic series. A movie also came out based on shopaholic series.

    7.Miracles from heaven

    The worst thing that ever happen in our life is see our loved ones suffer in pain. We all lose hope at one time and think nothing can be done other than watching them suffer. If we are a true believer of god, we pray. The prayers are answered and I wish they are. This novel is about a girl who has a mysterious digestive disorder that she could never eat normally again. Her parents sacrifice everything to keep her alive. At one point of time she fell from the top of the tree and she happened to see the heaven. After her return from heaven, she realizes all her sufferings are gone. This story is based on the true incident. A movie also came out based on this. This spreads lots of positivity.


    It’s a stupid book that I don’t want to keep it in this list. But once I loved this book so much that I must mention this here. This is a vampire love story. I was a crazy reader of this book once but not anymore. I will tell you why? When I was a teenager I read this book and liked Edward Cullen. But he is a creepy stalker and dominant which I realized only later. For this reason, I cannot loathe the entire book so mentioning it here. The first part of the series is the best and this welcomes you to the world of vampires. A soft romance novel! In this novel, a girl loves a vampire and would like to become a vampire to love him forever. If you roll your eyes reading this then this is not your cup of tea.

    9.Vanthargal venrargal

    This book is written by madhan who worked as cartoonist for Ananda vikatan. He is also a film critic. This is a tale of Mughal emperors’ rise and fall in India. The story starts from how Thaimur invaded India and ends with the beginning of British colonization. Don’t step back, seeing the genre. Yes, it’s a history non-fictional book. Sometimes the real-life incidents are more dramatic than the fictional stories. This is one such a story. Narration is excellent and knowing the real faces of Mughal emperors are intriguing and astonishing. Beware there are lots of bloodshed in this book. Don’t read it if you are soft hearted! You can gift this to your dad or mom or to your younger siblings.

    10.Da Vinci Code

    I am not a big fan of scientific thriller yet I liked this book. A complicated story with mysteries getting resolved throughout the book. I don’t enjoy reading this but couldn’t keep the book down until it is finished. There is no lag in the book. A good read if you like suspense.


    I have read only less than 100 books. So, I might have missed some great books. This list is based on whatever I have read so far. You may not agree with this. Let me know what do you think about the list and your top ten.
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  2. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Ponniyin Selvan & Vanthargal Vendrargal ......Nice Books. Try....... Volga Mudhal Gangai Varai (Volga to Ganga) Written By Rahul Sankirtyayan. just 20 Stories. Scientific Historical (fiction too) Book. Story Starts From 6000 BC and Ends in 1942.
  3. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Yeah.. heard about it. Dint get a chance to read it. Added to my list!
  4. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

  5. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    So, U heard about Rahul Sankrityayan. Then Try his collections he wrote 140 Books. Particularly Philosophical collections like, Philosophy of Hinduism, Christianity Islam, Buddhism & Philosophy of Science and Communism. daam Good Books.
  6. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Oh! I am not drawn to philosophical books. I have alchemist in my 'to read' list for a long time! yet to read that:C:. Suggest one good book of rahul. Let me try that first.
  7. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    lol ok, then Try Volga to Ganga first.
  8. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    sure :like1:
  9. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Intha book non-fiction la? Interesting ah irukkuma?
  10. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    o_O namakku padikirathu naaaley chinna vayasula irunthu aaagathu :p boook apidiyea audio or video transcript panna :p vidya vidya paarkalaam(kedkalaam)
  11. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    intha listla 7 books already movie ah eduthirukkanga. Ungala manasula vachu than senjiruppangalo:P1::laugh:
  12. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Rahul Sankrithiyayan 140 Book eluthirukaar, 30 Languages Theriyum Read, Write, Spoke, including Tamil. 40 years Traveled in his life. his literature classified as Travel literature. Russia welcomed him for teach in Moscow University As a Professor. But, ivaruku padikurathunaley pudikathu, Sariyana Oorsuthi, Books ah pathaley veruppu, School pakkam ponathey illa, Middle School Kooda Thandala. lol So, Admin Knowledge enga irukku? Arvam athu mattum than. "Therunjukanum" athu mattum iruntha pothum. konjam lighta ivaroda book kidacaha purattunga pudikkum ungalukku.
  13. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Oru book ah read panni time ah waste pannuratha vida... athula solla kooda vishayatha short and sweet ah puriyura maathiri audio or video sonna :) pothum...
  14. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Sorry Admin na apdi Audio, Video Try pannathu illa.
  15. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Reading a book is not a waste of time. book read panrathu knowledge gain panrathukkaga mattum illa. Reading is a pleasant experience. It changes the mood and it gives us a different experience. To me a good book is like a train friend who live with us for a short period of time!:)
  16. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    :) may be god gave u more time with more patience to read a whole book :p which says single or simple matters in different perspective angles.
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  17. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    I wish god bless me more the same!:)
  18. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    God Ah? shabaaa....