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Solved hello admin,

vidya_vidya Jun 25, 2018

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  1. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Hello admin,

    How are you? Hope you are doing good. Its been a long time since we talked. I just want to bring to your notice on what happened today in the chat. There was an abusive user today all of a sudden started abusing me with intolerable words. i could understand that without knowing what happened you cannot take action against anyone. But I think, i can explain what happened for you to give a solution. Around ten days back an user stated introducing himself as sam and started abusing me for chatting in English and warned me not to use English in the chat room. Other than this guy i dint have any dispute with anyone else in the chat. Today a user came in the id vidya hubby and used words that cannot be typed here. i suspect him to be sam not sure though.. Can you do anything on this?

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  2. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    @vidya_vidya yeah we are very well aware of his recent activities against chat and vip users. He personally chats with females vip chatters and gets their hangout id or skype id. Well newbie vip females do share their personal photos to these buggers and then he started to blackmail each of them with the picture. We got few complaints against him and we did ban him and released his identity in public to make sure Our chat members and female vips are aware of his doings.

    His name is Mr. ARUL SAMUEL living in Chennai.

    We banned him several times now.. almost 50 - 100 bans per day. But he keeps rolling his ip address under same JIO mobile network. Right now we temporarily banned JIO network, until we make new UI update in chat.

    Its our responsibility to keep chatters safe and feel safe while chatting in our rooms. Our new UI is designed based on register only allowed to chat. Only ( facebook, gmail ) users allowed to enter into our chat room. This is our next step to keep protect female chatters and abuse against them.

    But later or soon, we gonna file Cybercrime for Abusal and Blackmailing female chatters in our rooms.
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  3. vidya_vidya

    vidya_vidya Member

    Thanks you so much for your reply. The action you have taken so far is commendable. Hope everything goes smoother soon. Thanks to all other moderator who were there. They deleted the abusive comments and banned the abusive user as soon as the he started all the mess. Thanks once again to admin for this wonderful chat.
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  4. Thiyanam thee

    Thiyanam thee Member

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