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Chat Info How to Become a Moderator /Admin in Chat room .

Insomniac Aug 4, 2017

  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, We are always being asked how to become Moderators /Admins in the chat room.And there are many people who are asking for it, we always do look for potential Moderator and later Promote them as Admins.Here are few things we see in a user who might be a potential Moderator/Admin.

    1. The person/user should have been a regular chatter for at-least 6 months.
    2. The person/user should be well known among regular users of the chat room.
    3. This is an open chat room, which means you can see everything here.The person/user should not be carried away or become emotional and should know what is it like to be in a chat room.
    4. The person/user should be patient enough to know the issues and analyze and come up with good decisions hearing both sides of the story.
    5. Once they become a Moderator they should be loyal, matured, patient and mainly focus on the wellness of the chat room.
    6. Seeing how they keep things in the chat room being a Moderator will be analyzed to later promote them as an Admin.

    Remember we don't Promote you as Moderator/Admin even if you are close/Friends to any Current Moderators/Admins, The decision is purely dependent on the criteria that have stated above.

    Being a Moderator or Admin in a Chat room that has thousands of visitors a day is a tedious task, there will be abuses, swearings and spammers and friends who might need your favor .so always keep these in consideration before requesting for it. If there is a potential user we will ask them if they are interested.And if we find they aren't suitable to be a Moderator/Admin after being given the posting, we will remove them with so many valid reasons in mind.

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
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  2. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Well done :) everyone should know about this.
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  3. M Hanif

    M Hanif New Member

    :Angel:Soon will apply it :nerdy::nerdy::drunk:
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  4. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    ;) kuruku valila seekiram eathavathu :p pannitu thalivaaar aga mudiyathaaa
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  5. !Tea Master!

    !Tea Master! New Member

    Naanum 3 yrs ah varen enakku :p vengala kappu kuda innum tharala enna kodumai saravanan ithu :(
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  6. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    tea master :D unakuthaan chatroom angel 100 peru number koduthu irukanagalay pinnaa ennaa :D muditu anga bell adichitu iru :D lol
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  7. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    Ne ethana varusham chat pannirkengradhu mukkiyam illa thambi...epdi chat pannitrkengradhu than mukkiyam...ne jenmathuku admin aaga maate :p
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  8. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :D :D :D annu madam naaaaanu
    100 jenmathukulm aga matten sollungaa
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  9. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    Adha en vaayala epdi solven indel sir
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  10. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :) Sollanum sollithaaan aganum :) soluvathu eallarukum araiya ealiyavam solliya vanam seyal ;)
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  11. Annnu

    Annnu Member

  12. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    7. User should be a male :p
  13. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    unaku admin aganum ashaiyaaa :D nadakattum ;)
  14. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    Enaku avlo arivu illa...:poor:
  15. Tamil Forums

    Tamil Forums Forum Info Staff Member Forum Community

    Even females can be ! But yarachum spam panna or thituna they run away.There were female admins and mods but either they are untrustable or run away.
  16. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    Righty...thanks for your reply :)
  17. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    if u trust able non run away person ? Apply for Admin Post. We Need Female Admins Too.
  18. Annnu

    Annnu Member

    Sorry for my comments Mr. Tea Master.....:poor:
  19. vinoth salem

    vinoth salem New Member

    Naanum 4yrs ah varen enakku vengala kappu kudainnum tharala .
  20. Luv

    Luv Member Senior Member

    Kurukku valiyela nee iru ...nalla varuva da