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Chat Info How to become a Pro in the Chatroom(Male Users only)

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Sep 18, 2017
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There are so many questions on what basis an Pro user is added to the Chatroom , so we decided to frame a few considerable options . Remember these are only considerable options .

  • When an user is following all the chat rules and being an example on how to chat in the chatroom .
  • Being a Regular active user for at-least 6 months . that doesn't mean just because you are in chat for years or months you become a pro . It depends on the way you chat , the way you behave inside the chatroom .
  • An VIP is no different from a PRO , VIP is given only to remove the Private issues that female users face in the chatroom at the first place ,but since they are an VIP they are automatically obliged to follow all the rules that an PRO user should also follow. PRO's Merit stats that you are an Recognized person in the chatroom who should be able to share the responsibility on following all the rules .The same Applies to the VIP's as well.
  • Users who Complain about other users behind their backs or constantly talking bad about other users so that you could get attention is not applicable for any kind of user upgrade . So stop bitching about anybody in the chatroom . Your only Presence in the chatroom should be about Chatting , you can make friends , have a good time , have fun and simply leave .
  • Any kind of conflicts with Admins , Moderators should be resolved in a way thats good for chat and does not invite more conflicts. if you are going to Abuse ,Gossip or just make stories simply because you don't like them or any particular user without an legitimate reason you will never be considered for PRO or any kind of upgrades in the future.
  • This is the most important criteria , if you keep pestering and ask for an PRO Continuously we will never consider that. Pro user upgrade will be given only if the Admins feel you follow all the points stated above .

If in case after you become an Pro and then we receive any complaints , we will remove the Pro upgrade after an enquiry. There will not be any personal favors on removing an upgrade , so to those who are complaining make sure you have enough evidence. DO NOT MAKE COMPLAINTS JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE USER.
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