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Chat Info Ideas for reduce spam in chat room

karthikeyan Sep 16, 2019

  1. karthikeyan

    karthikeyan New Member

    Hi admin, this post is for you !!

    neenga ippo pannirukura copy paste restrictions ah easy ah client side la javascript la break paniruranga spammers so itha onnum pannamudiyathu .. apram neenga DON'T REPEAT THE SAME MESSAGES AGAIN block um pannirunthinga aana spammers atha first message ah paste pannitu second ah vera oru message ah paste pandranga ithey mathiri routine ah spam pandranga so neenga antha block option vachathu waste aachu .

    Ithuku naan oru idea soldren neenga same message repeat pannakoodathunu program pannirupinga athula MORE THAN 3 OR 4 MESSAGE ku mela same ah irukka koodathunu program pannunga.

    appo yentha spammer aalaiyum onnum panna mudiyathu. apdi panna udaney text box ah disable pannunga antha spammer kadupaagiduvan.

    pothuva spammers some software use panni same messages ah repeat ah pannuvanunga like chat bot mathiri software or vbscript use panni athula program panniyum run pannuvanunga. so neenga more than same message nu program pannunga avanungalaala onnum panna mudiyathu.

    mostly neenga server side la program pannunga client side la vendam. because client side la easy ah developer console la javascript use panni sila tricks panni spammers tholla pannuvanunga. so server side la query panni client side function ah trigger pannunga. still unga website la sila bugs irukku inspect element use panni oru sila trick use panni unga website rules ah break pandrathukaana chance neraiya irukku athayum sari pannunga atha naan inga solla virumbala because neraiya per intha post paapanga.