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Living with Anxiety rant by Azra

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Oct 21, 2017
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People think anxiety is something that is just in my head. It is something that will pass ‘if i give it time.’ They don’t understand, it can hit you anytime, anywhere. You will be cutting the cake on your 20th birthday and you will have a breakdown for no apparent reason.

You start overthinking and that leads to fear. you start getting scared of situations which aren’t even real. You could be having the perfect day of your life and then you will come across this very minor thing that’d trigger you. It’ll make you believe that everything is wrong in your life.

Your thoughts jump from one memory to another and you dissect everything that has happened, all at once. You try to calm yourself down, to find some peace in this chaotic world. You stop thinking; you become irrational, and then, you shut yourself out. You end up being all alone with this, and it’s worse that way.

You start doubting yourself. You’re constantly hoping you didn’t mess up somewhere. Living with anxiety is like a battle. It comes unannounced. You could be on a wonderful date and a thought might ruin the whole evening.

If it happens to someone you know, all i have to say to you is to be patient. Give your friend the time they need. Just sit there and be present, and for the love of god, stop saying, “i think you should stop overthinking.” it doesn’t work that way.

People without anxiety just don’t get it. Anxiety isn’t something that can be controlled or shut off at our convenience.

People need to understand that we’re not crazy. The moments when we shut ourselves up, when we just drop in the middle of the road, we’re having a panic attack – we’re fighting a battle and just going quiet is like taking cover.

Reach out to your friends and help them if you really want to. They need it and they might be too shy to be asking for it.

Living with anxiety is a battle. They’re already trying their best to win. Don’t make it worse by telling them things like, “you will be fine.” Listen to them and be there for them, instead. They need your presence more than your “you’ll be okay.”


PS: A post that I read in FB. The exact thought that I have in my mind now. Nicely penned by Azra.

Credits to : The Scribbled Stories's FB post



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Jun 6, 2019
anxiety illama irukka mudiyadhu Dan... It's the fact !!! It's a kinda f feel where our expectations level hikes up!!!