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Bullshit Miss using power

Santhosh1 Jan 2, 2020

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  1. Tamil Forums

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    Next time ippadi complaint pandren nu maathi maathi pesi yenga time waste panna vendam ! Closing this thread . friends yean ban panna nu ketaraam appram normal users ah ketaram . Konjam nambura mathiri complaint pannunga boss. Normal users ku neenga poraduneengala ? illa yaru antha admin ah thittitangalo avanga unga friends ah ? appadi avangala yean ban pannanga nu than ketenga na ithan answer

    Appdithan Ban pannuvanga , aama Admins ku power irukku ! varavan poravan thitrathu ketu ukkara inga yarum avalo vetty ah illa . appadiye unga friends ah kootitu vera chat pakkam poitu anga ulla admins ah thittunga bye bye .
  2. Tamil Forums

    Tamil Forums Forum Info Staff Member Forum Community

    Neenga intha mathiri abuse pandravangala support pandrappa admins mela action yedukka vaaipu illa . thappu yaru mela nu paathale theriyuthu , again ippdithan pesuvangala appdithan pannuvangala na aamam appdithan pannuvanga ! answer clear ah irukku nenaikren .
  3. SarcasticJoker

    SarcasticJoker Administrator

    LOL completely Na matha spammer kite pesura apo Nee than Nadu la vanthu Yen ipdi pesringa keta ? nayabgam ilayoo ?
    And Na answer simple ah paniten Its "Our chat Our wish " elamm Soliten If you cant understand what i really meant vere ena sonaalum un mandai la eerathu!! pola. Thread oru post la mudika terilana why do Repost many times ?
    Any way Its useless to explain again and again in my First Comments itself i was clear we make Rules nu..
    Again and again Pesi use ila..No time for Your vetti chit chat
    Thread is Closed
Not open for further replies.