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My intro right

Maximch decimus Aug 29, 2017

  1. Maximch decimus

    Maximch decimus New Member

    Hii all.. ena pathi solraku neraya iruku.. easya kovapaduven.. nalla nakkal panuven.. sometimes nallavan madiri nadipen.. vazhkai le yethuvum olunga panathila.. yaraiyum love panathila.. aana love pathi lecture edupen.. yaraiyum mathichathu illa.. enayum yarum mathikanum nu nenaikamaten

    Ok..? Mostly ena pathi solitenu nenaikren.. chatroom pathi solanum na nan 1 yrs ah varen.. nalla chatroom.. neraya naal night full ah pesiruken.. forum la intro kuduthathu magilchi (handshake)
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  2. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Cool, Intha Gladiator padathula vara maximus ah neenga ? :p
  3. Jimiki..

    Jimiki.. Member

    wow bro semma intro welcome
  4. Maximch decimus

    Maximch decimus New Member

    Nan than athu nu sonna nambiruvinga polaye ::D
    Hi jimiki sister.
    Thank you so much (handshake)
  5. Harshee

    Harshee Member

    Welcome max