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My name is SUSAN enakku innoru peru irukku !!!

Susan Oct 26, 2017


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  1. Susan

    Susan New Member

    Hi all.
    My name is susan :B:
    I have another name :L:,,kandupidikuranvaanga puthisaaali!!!:hearteyes:
    I consider my self an old user!!

    MY story of how i ended up here,,

    one day i was feeling so bored !!
    i needed some tamil friends,
    naanum ethavuthu tamil friends kedaikumaanu thaan chat search panninen and ended up in the chat room.
    Like everyone naanum chat naa masala type chata mattum thaan irukunu nenaichi log in panninen
    To my surprise i heard people speaking in tamil...enna oru santhosham,,,
    naanum antha conversationaa keten,,,

    But first conversation laiyee enakku pesinaavanga mela rombha kovam vanthuchu ,,,because girls pathi thappa pesinaanga,,,yen appidi pesinaanganu appo enaaku puriyalaa:punch:

    enaaku rombha kovam vanthuduchu eppidi appidi ponnunga pathi theriyama pesalamnu naanum chat la sandai poten:devil:...

    vera yaaru kittayum illa ,,,namba Admin kitaaa thaaan...

    parva illaiye..ithu interesting aa irukku ,,,,oru pakkam kovam irunthaalum nambaa pesurathukku oru company kedaichuthu ,,,athaiyum support panna and sanda podaa friends um kedaichaanga...

    It was good ..poga poga thaan purinchithu y Admin thittinaanganu,,,,it was some bad user ,,,,

    appo arambichen inthaa chat varaa,,

    i spend my free time..!!
    Made a lot of good friends and good souls..!!:heart1:

    Never ever judge a person with the first impression...!!:happie:

    Thats what i learnt,,,:)

    Its a great place to make good friends,,,if you are good with them

    IF you are reading this remember You are a mirror ,,you only get what you project !!!

    Thank you for reading my long Post!!!

    Love to be a part of tamil2friends!!!

    Happy Chatting!!

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  2. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Nee Cycle Soosai uh? lol
  3. Hana

    Hana Active Member

    kalakitega ponga....
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  4. SarcasticJoker

    SarcasticJoker Administrator

    Na sOllava :P1:
  5. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    :( naan read panni mudichathum.. aluthutean... oooooooooooooooh feeeeling ah irukku :D lol :p
  6. Susan

    Susan New Member

    :makeup: Thank you
  7. Susan

    Susan New Member

    Admin neenga feel pannuninganu naan nambiten
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  8. Susan

    Susan New Member

    U know me darling
  9. Susan

    Susan New Member

  10. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Neenga Soosai illanu theriyum mam. unga intro cycle soosai comedy mari irunthathu athan keten. "en peru susan enakkun innoru peru irukku" watch this comedy clip.

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  11. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    susan giv me some clue nee enkuda pesarathu vachu find panuvenu i think!!!!!!
  12. hahaha :D
  13. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Paithiyam :D PRiyaa777 :D looose
  14. Priya7777

    Priya7777 New Member

    i am not sure if this is being looked into!im back !Priya7777
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  15. ! The Reader !

    ! The Reader ! RaVaNaN

    Welcome Back.

    Apdiye Priyaku oru Song Potralam :P1:

  16. Star

    Star Member

    Priyaa 777 a ithu lol :bandit: