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My one and half years experience in this chat

Alpha Disaster Oct 10, 2017

  1. I entered this chat room in June 2016. That time I was in serious stress. This chat room eased out my stress. There were days I spent throughout night happily chatting with friends.

    Initially, I considered these users very seriously. If anyone got hurt by other words, I feel sorry for them. But later the users are mere nicks who here for just fun. Nothing is true in this chat.

    I was very happy till I made Pvt chats with female nicks. How horrible then this chat became to me.

    Incident 1:

    There was this gal who called me friend, Once she came to my Pvt and we talked just like how two boys speaking. She was absent for few weeks. Later she came to chat, I called her Pvt, just to ask whether she was ill nothing else but she insulted me to the core. and saying that she was not going to any Pvt.

    Incident 2:

    Another girl and I were speaking freely in main. She also talked widely any topic. One day I asked her how to attract a girl just by first look (keeping my marriage in mind and not her). But she yelled at me. I asked sorry and said it was not targeted her. I asked generally keeping my marriage and to the marriage proposals for my matrimonial.

    Incident 3:

    A girl was teased by some male nick in a sexual manner. The girl in incident 2 came support to him without knowing what actually happened, I politely explained to her the situation. Though I had insulted by her in incident 2. The girl for whom I went to support later insulted in another incident. I just told, why you reveal your marriage details in main? for that girl 3 scolded me, said its none of my business.

    Incident 4:

    Another girl, whom still I speaking in a just normal way. A boy was once calling frequently darling to her in main. I said "I don't know what brewing between you two. But too much of anything is not good, please reduce the frequency of calling darling". Everybody laughed at me, that I made the small thing as a huge issue. But an after one month, because the darling issue grew out of proportion and admin advised her to stop everyone calling her as darling. Without knowing this, for fun, first time, without even had a flirt thing in my mind, I called her darling. She scolded me in main. As she can come to my Pvt, said to me to stop call darling, I would definitely stop calling here as darling, instead, she scolded me in front of all.

    Incident 5:

    This girl is living alone, so I really feel proud and at the same time feeling pain, that she not living with her parent. Personally, I supported her whenever she had a quarrel with anyone, went to another person and said she is good. Later one day in the singing room, a guy was teasing another guy voice, she also teased that guy voice. I picked up mike stated nobody born singer, please allow him to sing. This I said considering that another guy who teasing him. The boy understood and kept quiet whereas this girl took the mike and said get lost.

    Incident 6:

    This girl called me as a brother, Once for the unwanted issue, where she was not part of it, came and yelled me as serrupala adipen, But I never took it as seriously, cooled myself. This girl only talks to me whenever she wants to talk rest of the times if I say hello sister and no response. She was simply chatting with others, Many times I asked her why? no reply. But there are some guys who scolded her very crudely, whereas she forgot them and still speaking to them.

    The incidents are plenty. I usually won't go to Pvt. and but all the girls scolded me at least me, saying that I had some mental problem.

    The only eligibility for a person here is you should put kadalai or jollu, If not and true, you will be just like another buffooon.

    My expectation is mere hi nothing else, but you won't get this HI, until you are jollu or kadalai.
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  2. JBJB

    JBJB Moderator Staff Member Mod

    :facepalm:chat ku varathe tym pass ku thanee ,, ean ivolavo tension chat hala pidikalana udaane pidikathavangala block panitu summa irukalam NATPE:facepalm:
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  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Hahaha One and half years ,oru paiyana kooda mention pannala paarunga .lol
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  4. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

    Intha Sir Ku Ponnungale Pidikaathunu Solluvaaru Aana Ivaroda Chat History Paatha " KeePee" KeeMoo" Elaam Ponnungala Pathithaan Irukkum
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  5. Hana

    Hana Active Member

    makakley....intha 6 th incident....naanu thaa ..naanu thaa...ver:giggle::blush::blush::blush:a yarum illa.:rofl1::rofl1::rofl1::rofl1::rofl1::rofl1:..intha article semma
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  6. To Hana - comedy pieceku ellam comedy pieceha theriyum. itula ivanga psycology padichangalaam. matravangalavathu etho reasonoda pesama poitanga. Nee loosu thaanma annaiku thittum pothu, ennaku pathil vera yaaravathaa iruntha kudumbathaiye izhuthu thitti iruppaan. aana pona pogatum etho theriyama pesitanu,naan thaan unkitta sorry ketten. thittravanga kitta poi thirumba pesuva, varuthaapatta kuthi kaatuva, sari po , chinna ponnunu vidren.

    To anonymous - Inga ennaku gentleman lessons edukka vendaamey anonymous. yaar yaaru eppadinu chatla irukkira ellorkum theriyum.

    Hana arambichu, lotus varikkum intha ponnunga yaarkitavathu thittu vangum pothu support ku poi, kadaisiyila antha ponnunga kitta thittu vanginen. Naan paatuku ivanga ellam thittu vangum pothu summa irutha irukkanum, app nallavana poi iruppen. aana onnu anonymous, muthla onnu sonna parthiya, athu thaan unmai. ne yenna ponnungala patri sonnanu naan publicla solla virumbala. but nee sonnathu unmai thaan anonymous.
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  7. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    intha image ah paartha enna theriyuthu ungaluku? o_O
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  8. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

    Naa Enna Sollirken Sariyaa Sollupa. Itha Paduchu Paakura Makkal Unna Tappa Purunjukka Poraanga Again
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  9. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

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  10. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Kulothungan @ Alpha Disaster

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  11. Annnu

    Annnu Member

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  12. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    50 minutes ago#46

    Senthamil Pandian
    Pon Pandian
    Alpha Disaster


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    ஹலோ இப்படியெல்லாம் பேசி தப்பிக்க முயற்சி செய்யாதீங்க ..இதுலே என்ன பேரழிவு (disatster ) இருக்கு .. நீங்கதான் மதத்தின் பெயரால் ஒரு பேரழிவை உண்டாக்குறீங்க

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  13. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    எவ்வளவு daysa சொல்லுறது செஸ் chat பண்ணுற பொண்ண கூட நம்பலாம் .... mainல மொக்க போடுதுற பொண்ணுட பேசுனா கிறுக்கன் ஆக தான் செய்யணும்....

    இங்க பொண்ணுகளும் பசங்களும் 1 st அவங்கள பத்தி தெரியணும் ஆஷை வரும் அந்த ஆஷை அந்த அவா அது போய்ட்டா அவ்வளவு தான் .... bore தான்