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  1. Innocent Returns

    Innocent Returns Administrator

    Animation shows the deadly evolution of nuclear weapons.....

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  2. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    This was during 1960's ::Danaa ipo evankita evlo destructive power irukko theriyala ::D  Tsar Bomb potappa Earth had earthquake 3 times aama ::Dut agamotham Nuclear weapons use panna the Earth will suffer a lot rather than humans and living organisms
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  3. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

    Top Weapons of Mass Destruction
    1.Biological Weapon
    2.Chemical Weapon
    3.Fission Bomb
    4.Fusion Bomb
    5.Boosted Fission Bomb
    6.Neutron Bomb
    7.Napalm Bomb
    8.Pure Fusion Bomb
    9.Radiological Weapon
    10.Toxicological Weapon
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  4. Fox

    Fox Active Member VIP Member

    Innocent Returnsnice: development video and creativity mind test :-/

    Anonymous:    yoww avarthaa nalla weapons patthi nalla solldrala.. Nee yenyaaa Google la irudu copy paste pandre.. Zendu balm..  Amurthanjan du... !! :D avara paraduya..  Semaya sollirukaru innocent.. Apothaa intha maduri videos la pakka mudim. Naanu therunchupen :-/
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  5. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Tsar Bomb Explosion test video.

    You can test how much it can affect your place or location by checking this website, selecting the Nuclear weapon and test area and see if you can be still alive.Type and search your location, Enter or select the kilotonnes of explosion and press Detonate, check it here Nuclear test on your location
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
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  6. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

    Innocent returns: Naa Ippathaanya Inga Junior Member Ungala Pola Admin and Moderators thaan ennoda Kaiya Pidichu Inga ethuna pannunaa nallathu kettadhu sollikudukanum
  7. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    maha prabhu KP ingayum vanthu Bomb poduturingala lol