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One Sudden Rathri !!! Mulichu paartha No internet !!! No mobile !!!

Avinashh Oct 28, 2017

  1. Avinashh

    Avinashh New Member

    Hey all ..hope all going well :Angel:
    When i was in a deep thookam:zzzzz: !!! I was thinking ennamo:dreaming:

    adu innadhuna.........:idea:

    we are in 21st ulagam with all sort of some advanced facilities(apdinu namma solikirom) ......:holiday:

    on that very mukkiyamanadhu:wait: Internet & Mobile!!!!

    In this present situation if suddenly mobile & Internet get kanoompoirudhu !!!!:bandit:

    It will not come back for this 21st ulagam:dtm:

    Then what will be our Nilamai without that.....:lwnm: and how namma life will be...

    Think & Share what neenga panuveenga ....

    (My situation.......:spoil1::spoil1::spoil1:)
  2. Immortal Goddess

    Immortal Goddess New Member

    na nimadiyaaa irupen.... i will enjoy the nature and appreciate all the little things around me... :)
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  3. Avinashh

    Avinashh New Member

  4. Immortal Goddess

    Immortal Goddess New Member

    Yeah because that's what i do. whenever i get hooked over the net. I will go for a vacation in a village where there will be no any internet connection. Will stay there for a month and take a break from internet. So yeah at that period of time i will enjoy the nature around the village. :)
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  5. Avinashh

    Avinashh New Member

    hope u have life more than internet........thats great:like1:
  6. Immortal Goddess

    Immortal Goddess New Member

    thanks. i hope the same for you. lets enjoy our life to the fullest .
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  7. Avinashh

    Avinashh New Member

  8. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Lets be more Realistic .You are gonna have headache for sure when u don't have both .Probably you can manage for a while living with out it .But sooner or later its gonna worry u lol...Depends on how much Internet or Mobile phones had an Importance in your daily life.
  9. ! RaVaNaN !

    ! RaVaNaN ! Guest

    Am Sure U Become Zero lol. Now a days we kept our Brain in Computer & Mobiles. We Slowly Loosing our Memories Too. if we want to know about anything we simply Searching through internet & forgot that part also, if have a doubt about that part again we search thats it. Simply we becoming Lazy. Hard Copy Readings ( Books ) r neglected from our hobbies. Simply We Fast & Quick but No Standard.

    Watch That 1st Proof in this video.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2017
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  10. yentha oru service oh or technology or vasathiyume thidrnu ela.... apdinu sona konjam kastam than..
    But people know to struggle with it. Alternatives varum.
    Apdi elana Ulagam ath elamaa vaazha pazhagikum.
    Infact internet cellphones matum ela...
    oru 500yrs pinaadi poi
    cureent koda elaatha ulagathula vaazha na aasapadren
  11. Ammu

    Ammu Guest

    கண்டிப்பா மனநிலை பாதிக்கும். மனித இயல்பு அதுதான் பழகிய ஒன்றை திடீரென இழக்கும் போது நம்மை அது பாதிக்கும்
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  12. athulenthu Meendu varathuk nan epome thyaar ah than ereken