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Solved Reason Banned my id

!INIAVAN! Oct 13, 2017

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  1. !INIAVAN!

    !INIAVAN! New Member

    My nick is !INIAVAN! Today 13/10/2017 i logged around 1.45 pm i enter into chat mr.srajesh chennai blocked me without reason he said the reason for blockage is i used ammu user id how it is possible to come in different id plz check my ip address and also ammu nick ip address if i did that u say whatever i will do if not plz remove the block .am not the new user am old user onlyyy....
  2. Iniyavan, you first came in Ammu ID with your IP later on you came with same IP as Aruva Alamelu which is another ID of our user Ammuu. I warned you in Main not to come in that ID and you didn't even bothered to respond, so I jailed you. Withing moments you logged in with ID Iniyavan with same IP, that's the reason I have blocked you. I have the habit of noting down all fake ID's that's how I was able to identify you. If what you say is right, when I Jailed you in Main Room, why you didn't even protested at that time itself though I mentioned the reason for kicking you though am available in all the rooms. Iniyavan, this is not the first time I have kicked you for such action, hope you remember what happened few days back when you came in another Fake ID.

    Optimus / Admin - for your views.
  3. !INIAVAN!

    !INIAVAN! New Member

    Rajesh bro seriously am not that aruva alamelu ji believe meee
  4. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    Iniyavan antha name la login pannala bro :) .. And sorry for what happened ( iniyavan ) :) ini ippadi nadakaama parthukonga.. rajesh..
  5. Iniyavan, Extremely sorry , it was my misunderstanding on the IP address, my sincere and heartfelt apologies to you Iniyavan. Will ensure that such mistakes are not repeated.
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