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Regarding Recent happenings in Chat Room and Forum


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Jul 27, 2017
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Here is something that needs to Clear the air before anymore events like those occurs again ! .We opened the Forum for discussing Conversation between the members of the chat room considering the future members in mind as well .We did not open this forum or the chat room for a single person .So if you find some of your threads deleted its been deleted for a good reason to avoid clash . It's not that others aren't capable of talking about it .It's just that those threads are unwanted and we don't need it here that might bring extra effort not only to discuss but also solve the argument. Remember few things before you post anything in the forum .

  1. This is a chat room /Forum for having fun and discussion so any threads thats targeting a member will never be accepted here .
  2. No personal favor what so ever . we have been getting threads as complaints thats favoring personal desires and in no way those threads will be solved .
  3. This is a forum for chat room that has Tamil/Malayalam/Hindi people in it so the difference in opinion is needed to be respected ,we expect members of the chat room and forum to behave with sense while arguing or abusing a member .Its ok that you love what you love a lot, but slut shaming and abusing because they have a different Opinion will never be tolerated and if we find those you will be treated the same way .
  4. The chat Room/Forum works as a Team , so any decisions we take in the chat /Forum will always be circulated and Consulted between the moderators and Admins.
  5. If You have too much love regarding a Topic and if you don't accept others opinion you can simply walk out of the conversation or bother not to reply to the thread .that's how a forum works ,if you want to personally abuse a member because they have a different opinion you can do that in your home not here .
  6. As reported yes Admins/mods aren't available 24/7 , so you can feel free to post your queries here or contact the administrator by clicking on contact . But remember your queries regarding your personal problems /desires /conflicts will never be read as we don't want to waste our time.
As said above please remember all these before you use the forum .The forum or chat room doesn't favor a single person .
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