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  1. Glittering Lights in the sky and I lie up on the grass

    I stared up and gazed the sky.The dark surrounds me 

    My body goes numb as I forgot all my scars.

    Where do I go?

    Looking for the peace of my heart and tears trickling from my eyes

    I don't want to die but I have no strength to fight this fight

    How long do these scars take to heal?

    I am scared to be myself and tired of beating down the demons

    Fading memories and unspoken words I'd forget soon

    Searching me in the ocean deep and dark mist

    days pass by and I stare into the bright night

    At this time of war, my heart yearns for peace

    Until then it's Me and the Stars above left all alone...

                                                    - Unspoken Words
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  2. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    kavitha kavithey :D
  3. That's not Kavithai..That's unspoken words of a lone soul :)
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  4. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    o_O who is alone ??
  5. Somewhere .in this planet..there will be a lonely soul
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  6. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

     Ohh dedicated to all the lonely souls eh? ::p
  7. Hana

    Hana Active Member

    nice nice nice....i like ur poem....is it ur own words?  ..nice ..thumbs up...
  8. I don't know you. I am not sure what your words implying, as these words just pain of your loneliness or the suffering of my ethnicity (tamil) that torn from their motherland, and thrown out as refugees in various nations.

    But if your words implying my second thought, I just wanna say, many of my kind in Tamil people, yearn for more war, as the blood spilled by my cousins, sisters, mothers, fathers, and babies still not compensated. The old human race is insulted by the world community. I just need to give it back to my enemy. I don't know how. At least my kind of people will reset the injustice that thrust upon us. The Jackal born lions will have a lesson one day from cubs. I don't wanna jackal be killed, but they should be insulted in the world for belittling my respect and one day they sure will be the pawn to world people.

    Sorry If I wrongly assumed your words
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 6, 2017

  9. Well...This is not about exactly that situation. It's about depression and beating demons in my life everyday :)...Thanks for your words Alpha
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