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  1. Pardon my English. 


    I am standing in front of the sea shore. The Hi-Lo Tides which plays hide and seek with the shore, through the wavy winds, swept me to the past where I was a dot in the cosmos searching for the reason for my existence. Instead of searching, I should just play whatever I facing in the reality rather unquenching thirst of looking out for the purpose of living. I was and is still different from others, something awfully grinding me why I am? This question that suddenly popped out one day at very remote past, made me depress at several occasions. One guy who called me as his friend wants to help me out. So this psychologist who prescribed some medicines and counselling took me out of that shell for a short time. That alternative reality faded soon, the result I killed the friend who wanna succumb me to the reality. The shadows who questioned me tagged the term psychopath to me. I don't believe the term psychopath, I differed from them in the thought process, is that a disease? Ugly world.

    I was pushed to the prison. The same psychologist guided me to a path which was and is difficult me to sustain the track of it. At the end, the prison pushed me to the world again citing psychological bullshit terms and made me custody towards that psychologist. I wanna give a price and I gave it to the medicinal dumbshit. Second Harvest, the psychologist no more in this Ugly word. I was made him realise the very purpose of existence by abominating his flesh, his blood and his mind. This incident drove me to the plains where none disturbances, no shadows, nothing mishaps of the ugly world present to delineate me from the quest of "Why I am?". One of the tides hit the shores sparkles sprinkle of salty water on me. 

    Now I am standing, looking, seeking the purpose. Moon took away the sun. The shadows near me downsizing in the count. I am walking towards the sea, no actually I am walking into the tides as these compel me to draw the reason of existence from them. As I am progressing, the Hi-Lo tides seem to wave hands to me. My mind boggles as my inner creeping as I am inching towards the knowledge of absolute existence. A High Tide hugged me. Bye World, bye ugly world and the crores of shadows dotted in the fucking reality. Thanks, Tide.
  2. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Depression is the hardest thing to overcome.Money, Relationships or anything else will never make you happy if you are depressed for reasons that you don't even know.But remember this is our life, we know we are different yet we need to get normal at situations where the world is fine to accept it.most psychopaths are generated because of some torture they underwent during childhood, all they need to sit and sort out and live their life, Life is more daring when u decide to live rather than you decide to end your life."Suicide is an Option for people who can't face their own lives, But if you wanna live with all those things you have done and went through?now that's a life worth living for".Never Give up on urself.Only you can make urself happy."Happiness is there in every small thing around you, you don't need to find them in human relationships"​

    Idk if this is a suicide note, but looks like the guys easily gives up on life.
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