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Video meme: Dharmam thorkaatheyyy :P

Mazhai Jul 14, 2019

  1. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    Just for fun video meme.

    This started as a joke, why not make a meme out of it :p
    Dedicated to all users who keep asking why my vip was removed :p

    All characters and events in this meme is a work of fiction... yes, even the ones that are based on real people.

    Ithu anaithum karpanaiye, unmai sambavangalyum iruntha pothilayum.. :p

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  2. semma
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  3. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    ada paavingala :D bhahubali range ku kondu poiteengala? :D ada unga alaparaikku oru alavu ellaiyaaa pa? :D

    aduthu enna hollywood meme ah? nadathunga nadathunga :D :laughhard::laughhard:
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  4. Suri

    Suri New Member

    Idhan Forum ah:hearteyes::Angel:
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  5. Suri

    Suri New Member

    Grrrrrrr thu:XD::XD:
  6. !Karthik!

    !Karthik! Silver Hawk

    ellam sari.. adhu enna nadula mascara, akshaya :rofl1::rofl1:
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  7. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    Lol hehe avanga thaan en vip ponathula rombo happy. Easy ah pvt panlaam nu lol
  8. silra illapa

    silra illapa New Member

    sis.. nithya ku role rempa chinnatha irukke
  9. Mazhai

    Mazhai Bot

    Lol nithu ku antha role eh 1000 retake kepaa... aprom apple juice orange juice nu neraya selavu athaan chinna role
  10. silra illapa

    silra illapa New Member

    apo nadika theriyatha pacha mannunu solraya nithyava
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