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Chat Info Vino Mass Alaparaigal

SarcasticJoker Dec 27, 2019

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  1. SarcasticJoker

    SarcasticJoker Administrator

    Nama chat la Vino Mass nu Suthura Oru Allu Seium leelaigal

    He approach to girls In the way To get into their Private with name of

    Then he will start to say gossiping about others to get attached to girls like he is good and clean

    and am close to admin the way of approaching,
    mean while admins reply

    are Close to him and made him fast reply oh yeha admins are close to him
    okay enough chit chat..,

    Here is one of the proof about gossiping with girls

    Here is the Reality about vino mass






    So this how these creatures using sentiment and sympathy to talk girls and doing Bitching to other girls
    about another person's personal ?
    And you guys are like simply to trust this morons without digging whats the real things are happening around..

    And now vino mass is making new drama that his Lover ANUSELVA is Admitted in ICU ? huh i can prove her logs tat she is roaming around chat room still

    And more over this guy is Using this technique (sympathy & Sentiments) to Get close to other girls too.. if this guy is loyal to One girl ANUSELVA why do he tries another girl? if u have brain you peoples can think alot

    Few More things Makes to raise and question:
    i. ANUSELVA vino Mass lover has admitted in ICU and he Is bitching here ?
    II. ANUSELVA in Critical stage and he spams in chat and muttering Sentiments ?
    III. A real lover should stand with her and cares for her what does he do in chat ?

    if you guys have wide thinking of mind you can realize about these kind of REEK personalty persons

    if this shit Continues.. There will be next post regarding Anuselva atrocities

    To be continued...
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  2. Karthick Krishnakk

    Karthick Krishnakk New Member

    New year release or pongal release?
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  3. karthikeyan

    karthikeyan New Member

    Vino mass oda vera ids:
    1)villadhi villan
    2)Oteri nari

    ipdi pala nick la varuvan athu enakku thappa therila but ithumathiri keeltharama nadapanu ippothan therithu. Sarcastic joker um villadhi villan id kitta nalla than pesirukaaru ippothan avarukkum therithu pola ivana pathi:rofl1::rofl1::D
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