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Forum Info Want to be a Moderator /Admin in the Forum ?

Insomniac Aug 8, 2017

  1. Threadmark: Promotion

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    What is a Forum? It's a place where people can share anything they need, under the particular threads and we have already restricted few things.And so we have framed a Rule.

    So what is Being a Moderator /Super Moderator/Administrator means here in this forum?

    Being a Moderator/Admin in a Forum is different from being the same in a chat room. Being a Moderator/Admin in Forum we expect The user/person to understand each thread properly.You are not here to Kick/Ban anybody but to Regulate the Forum, Avoid Spammers.The Most important task would be to Move Threads to proper forum topics if it's being posted on a wrong one. And Ban a user/person out of the Forum if there is a need.We suggest people who want to be a Mod/Admin here in the forum to post sensitive contents and understand every thread clearly.Also, make sure you post a lot of threads.

    Yes, We would like to promote people here to regulate this forum. make sure you understand the criteria 
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  2. James Martin

    James Martin Jimmy Call 8531075542

    thank you thats cool
  3. vinoth salem

    vinoth salem New Member

    hi admin ji
    i use this chat room before 5 yrs.so kindly promote to moderator
  4. Arjun Alagiya T M

    Arjun Alagiya T M New Member

    Hello admin Thala, request to give pro user promotion please for my idI
  5. vinoth salem

    vinoth salem New Member

    Hello admin ,
    Request to give pro user promotion please for my id

    THANGAMAGAN New Member

    Hi Admin :B:
    Please Monitor my I'd.
    Promote to PRO :B:
    Ty :B: