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Where did humans come from ?

Insomniac Aug 21, 2017

  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    This is one of many questions that science can't explain, some say human evolved from ape, but there is a missing link in fossil history, so that can't be true. As far as I know, humans are about 30000-40000 years old (on earth), but where did they come from .. just out of the blue?​

    There are some theories:

    1. some say god made humans - I think this is lame and ignorant, people who say that have very low IQ and are generally ignoring the facts of existence, however that depends on how you define "god"​

    2. some scientists say that humans were formed randomly, by a chance, where particles just formed together, but there are billions and billions of combinations .. so in other words, even in like 1000000000 billion years it could not happen, what are the chances right? but it's POSSIBLE!​
    just like in one of the old NEC games (one of the first game consoles) you had to enter a long savegame code (those consoles had no storage, only way to "save" game was to enter a long code), and in one of those games i entered a random code and it was valid, those codes were like 20 - 40 digit .. what are the chances right? just saying . it's possible.​

    3. more complex theory, is that humans "walked" in from another dimension, thru a portal (gateway, wormhole ..whatever you call it), but the thing is with this theory, let's say its true .. then what? it would still not explain where humans came from, it would only explain how humans got to planet earth.​

    4. Earth is actually a test site for some superior being, like some race of aliens made us, very possible, because humans make stuff too, cross genetics and stuff like this and it's all being done in a lab, maybe earth is somebody's lab, very possible, I mean .. why else aliens visit earth time to time?​

    In my personal opinion, I tend to think that aliens made humans (or dropped humans on earth) and that earth is alien test site/lab. anyone who doesn't have a head under the sand knows that aliens have visited earth many, many times and that there is proof. This would also explain the people who believe in god, god and aliens are the same things. whatever made humans, they call it God, I call it aliens...whats the difference, right?​
    It all makes sense, to be honest, aliens made life on earth, then they dropped in the superior predator (human) and wanted to see what happens if fragile, but intelligent lifeform like humans would survive or get eaten by wild animals.​
    Also if this is true .. then what if they drop in another, more superior lifeform? would they make us, the humans their slaves?​

    Actually, all this makes me think about the Predator and Alien movies, I think there is a lot of truth in them.​
    For example .. look back in human history, at the time where God was taken VERY seriously and people killed the ones who did not believe in God, in those times, humans imagined gods as humans with animal heads, hmm...kind a like in Predator movies, right? that doesn't mean those "things" created humans, maybe they used humans to get some simple work done, for example how were pyramids made? yet another question that no1 really has answer to, but I think that aliens surely visited earth and made humans do stuff, like build pyramids, but they made sure that human race will not have any evidence of them .. but again there are pictures carved into rocks and those statues of humans with animal heads (like predator like creatures).​

    Also those stories of alien adoptions make me think that they keep eye on humans to see how their test project is doing, I mean clearly thousands and thousands of people can't be wrong about aliens, I'm sure lot of them make it all up just to be famous, like those fake videos .. etc, but there are also cases where science can't prove it was faked. I think that back in the days more people told the truth because nowadays it is all about videos and air-time (radio, tv..etc) and finally it all comes down to money! because they make a lot of money out of it once their story sells, but back in the days, like the 50s, 60s..etc there was no such thing, so there was no reason to lie about those things.​
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  2. Hana

    Hana Active Member

    human came from aliens ..omg..ipo thaa kekurea
  3. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Just a Theory that actually makes sense rather the myth surrounding GODS
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