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Solved Why i am Banned By Bossraj

AnonyMous Oct 6, 2017

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  1. AnonyMous

    AnonyMous Active Member Senior Member

    Athu Ennamo Teriyala Intha Bossraj Ku Enmela Enna Gaandunu

    SandaiPodanum Enkitta Vantha Onnu Dairiyamaa Sandai Podanum Athavittu Mute Pannurathu / Kick Pannurathu Elaam Puthu Techique aah Namma Great Great Bossraj Follow Pannuraaraa Teriyala.

    Bossraj Aniyaayatha Kanda Pongi Elanum athaan unakku kuduthurka Duty.Chat La nee Irukkumpothu Evalavo Nadakuthu Atha Ethaiyum Kandukirathu illa. Evalukaavathu Support Pannuren Perula Mute Podurathu / Kick Pannurathu Elaam Sinna Paiyyan Pannura Velaiya Vida Kevalaamanthu..

    Ithula Summa Summa Bayam Vera Kaamikiraapla Naa yaarunu Teriyumaa . Athavathu Nee Evalavu Periya Rowdya irunthaalum Face To Face nu Varumpothu Kalathula Nikkanum Atha Vittu Ethuna Roomla Olunjukittu Uthaaru Viduraa " Naanum Rowdy Thaan - Naanum Rowdy Thaan.

    Kadaisiyaa Sollurathu Nee Tappa Tappa Bad Word Use Pannuren Perula Nee Start Pannuna Naa Unna Asingama Kuda Pesa Start Pannala.

    Enna Ethukku Mute /Kick Pannuna Athukku Sariyaana Reason Sollu Mudunja (To)BossRaj

  2. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Well, Rules Konjam Strict pannanum And we should frame a Post for letting people know why ban occurs or kick occurs .Since BossRaj is not active in the Forum i am answering this.Chat la Problems and sandai varathu sagajam but it wont be good when we point fingers and ask "nee enna pandra " or " naan enna Pandren" Chat la neraiya peru neraiya pandranga and thats part of chat .Obviously Every Regular users are more aware of the Situation in the Chat room.Sometimes Before banning Konjam yoosika vendiyathum irukku same time Regular users Purinji nadanthukurathulayum irukku .After all this is just chat 100 peru varuvanga and povanga and nambala mari regulars chat scenario purinji nadanthukitta ithu mari sandai or misunderstandings varathu.One way or other abuse panni than ellathayum mudikka porom but thats not even healthy.Chat has become daily part of the lives mari irukra nerathla ithu mari problems wont be good .Admins /mods pandra actions sari nu sola varala but Scenario enna theliva therinjikrathu namakkum mukkiyam.

    Obviously Female/male attractions are part of the universe but atha kora solla mudiyathu and intha platform athukkum than Open panni irukku.So Ithu mari issues varappo yar melayum kora solla mudiyathu rendu pakkamum nyayam irukkum But as Regulars and being a member who is being at chat for long time,Kodu pota mari than intha ellaiku nana varamaten antha ellaiku nee varathaa nu soldra mari irunthukrathu better.Because sila vishayam pesi theerka mudiyathu and better to ignore.

    Thread ah close pandren since i feel i gave an positive answer .Othuvarati rendu person um pesikaama irukrathu better and problem perusu aana chat pandra interest poidum antha reason kaagaa.Still thappu yaru mela irunthaalum its better not to talk about it since talking wont work,and avarku Ban pannathu "anonymous" ah kooda theriyathaam >name maarunathala regular yaru new yaru theriyaama poi irukku.So leave these misunderstandings aside and try to have fun !
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