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Why we Kick ,Ban in chat room ? For what reasons ?

Insomniac Jul 27, 2017

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  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Here are the reasons we might Kick or Ban a user in Chat room 

    Spammers -Spammers are someone who might post Other website links for their benefits, Any kind of Spamming regarding Other website links will never be accepted and will be banned without question.(Other website links might refer other chat website links).​

    Abusers-We experience frequent abusers on chat room who abuses a person/user because of personal reasons, conflicts on some topics or just because they want to show off they are old to chat rooms and they can talk anything.If we find those abusers who go off the line, we don't mind abusing back and Ban or kick them out of the chat.​

    Frauds- Most generally we might kick Frauds who are there to do any illegal activities .we don't mind sharing their IP-Addresses to legal Authorities if we get any kind of Legal complaints.

    Also Any kind of Abusing against Moderators/Admins just because you are one in a some-other chat room or just because you are bored, we don't mind having fun with you just by kicking or banning you out.

    We find these are the reasons that will be taken into consideration to Ban a user out of the chat room, But although we might occasionally kick an user or Mute them if there is a need .We always suggest users to avoid conflicts with such people, an, after all, we are here for fun and wasting time arguing with those people makes no sense .You can complain regarding those users here in this thread . We request users to have caution regarding their privacy before you chat .​
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  2. Bigboss

    Bigboss New Member

    Admin intha cycle soosai nu oru register id avan always spam en name ah vachi,
  3. Bigboss

    Bigboss New Member

  4. Bigboss

    Bigboss New Member

    Avan vanthale en id ah vachi spam pandran daily, na block panalum vera id la vanthu kadupethitu iruka, Screenshot_20180716-204337.png
  5. Bigboss

    Bigboss New Member

    Pls take a action, soon ,
  6. Tamil Forums

    Tamil Forums Forum Info Staff Member Forum Community

    Banned ! And please post the complaints in appropriate threads.
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