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Why Writing is a good habit ?

Insomniac Jul 28, 2017

  1. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    When we opened this forum and we kept in mind that people who sign up to write here by creating their threads, post things about things that interest them and give an idea about what stuff are  really a good idea, we would like to state why writing on a public forum or writing a book ,or any kind of creative writing is a good habit .​

    1.Writing gives you time to think a lot, it increases your analyzing capability, it makes other to think how different things can be conveyed.​

    2.Writing on Public forums, Websites, Penning down for a book, Poetry, Story, news .all this articulates your creative skills.​

    3.Writing makes you explore more about the Subject so that you can come up with really good content.​

    4.Writing also makes you think critically, analyze deeper logics and get into a more imaginative world so that the readers can also get into your world and experience what you feel.​

    5.Writing good contents really makes you how accurate your thoughts are and how much you can focus on the points that can really make the readers become a fan of you.​

    6.With your pure Imaginative skills and good content writing skill you can discover new areas that you aren't familiar with and expose you more challenging scenarios and you can test your understanding capability.​

    7.Writing allows you to explore various forms of writing that might include a Sarcastic way of writing, Sensitive way of writing, Professional way of writing, Critical and analytical way of writing.One way or another you are creating something belongs to you and making people more interested in reading it.​

    8.You can get your own fan base and followers, and teach or guide them to write to whoever is interested.​

    All kinds of writing are more creative, either if it's about creating a meme or cracking a joke, writing a movie review .it will help you to improve your Skills in many different ways.

    What are you waiting for? Start writing or give it a try! :)
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  2. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :D enna da 236 views oruthan kuda comment pannalanu ipothana teriyuthu :D
  3. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    MAchi Now days We all lazy ... So writing is Not Our Hobbies Copy Paste is current trend so Ipadi msg sonna yarukum time illaa :p athan ipadilam msg boring ah pakkuranga
  4. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Lool ithu pothuva poten Da ..Inga Mattum illa enga eluthunaalum ok that's a good habit nu .lool but nalla eluthi nalla content iruntha earn koda pannalam so just Oru thought
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  5. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    Nan Olungaa ealuthaa matten machi enaku arivu kami athan puriyala lol
  6. Insomniac

    Insomniac Administrator Staff Member

    Ellarum porakrappa arivaali ah va porakraanga? ellam kathukrathula than irukku :p
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  7. intelligent idiot

    intelligent idiot Innocent Senior Member

    :p ok k machi
  8. hmmm i ll try for writing
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  9. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    Ivlo perusa write pana yaraku padika thonum frst:rofl1:
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  10. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    But writing elathukum pidichathu one message writing ec ly communicate with all nalathu ketathu ellamey share panrathu writing la tha
  11. Thiyanam thee

    Thiyanam thee Member

    Plum enthana naa aachu new nu varthu lol:hitwall:
  12. Star

    Star Member

    Enaku ena possitive na...konjam konjam English la elutha kathurkuren. Grammar thapu thapaa:tso:
  13. Plum Cake

    Plum Cake is a Featured MemberPlum Cake Active Member

    Ena new nu varuthu thee
  14. Snowflake

    Snowflake New Member

    Could u give a summary .. sorry vasikirathulaye pathi uyir poyirum:map:

    But have to admit thought provoking writing !
  15. Argus

    Argus New Member

    I accept your views on writing ji.... :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  16. namangarg

    namangarg New Member


    One of the most important habits that I've formed in my life is daily writing. Without question, writing every day has brought me many great things: A better career, fulfillment, self-improvement, and most importantly, the ability to share my ideas with you, the reader.

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